Looking Back, Call Of Duty: WAW Is Actually A Sh*t Game

"CoD: WWII is constantly being compared with World at War, but was WAW really that great? I booted up the ol' 360 to find out... and it wasn't good." - Park @CD

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Kabaneri770d ago

These family friendly World War 2 games suck. At least the old ones were brutal and captured the vibe better.

PoopsMcGee770d ago

I wouldn't call WaW family friendly in the slightest. Or are you saying this is one of the "old ones"?

annoyedgamer770d ago

I would out WaW as old ones. Its quite grisly.

NecrumOddBoy770d ago

Yeah I would agree. World at War was really good and dark. A lot of the flamethrower scenes were really violent. I don't know how they said this game sucks because it's one of the good ones from the Call of Duty series. I do have to say that this game had the worst and most frustrating difficulty in veteran mode though. One enemy shouldn't be able to throw 5 grenades I want while still shooting a machine gun under each arm. Lol, it was absolutely insane and completely bonkers on its hardest settings

Kabaneri770d ago

Im talking about COD WW2 and Battlefield V.

kneon769d ago


I remember at least a few times where I didn't even bother trying to dodge the grenades on veteran because it didn't matter which direction I wanted to go, there was already a grenade waiting there for me.

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Gamist2dot0770d ago

Will never forget that opening scene when you're pretending to be dead and seeing Nazi soldiers executing survivors. That music and staring into the sky to see the trails of smoke from the bombers. And that's one of memorable experiences with WaW.
If they're making the remaster/remake, for sure, I've gotta have it.

DrumBeat770d ago

This is one of the best CoDs ever made. Both single and MP were fantastic.

PoopsMcGee770d ago

I was a tester for CoD WAW to say it was a "s&!t game" is ridiculous. I can't fairly rank it myself because I've only briefly played one of the Cods that have come out since then but it was definitely a good game. Truth is though, after spending all that time with it I've been pretty burnt on CoD ever since.

I remember testing the crap out of the Zombie mode. I can't believe that took off like it did (even though it was a fun extra)

Gamist2dot0770d ago

It may be buggy to some extend but the best WW2 game I've ever played Single and MP.

Gwiz769d ago

I think that was when CoD was at its prime,CoD 4 and right after that WaW?yeah.

badz149769d ago

but the grenade spam kinda ruined the fun especially on higher difficulties

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matt139770d ago

Nice bait. WAW is in the top 5 COD games for sure. It's in 3rd place for me after COD4 and MW2.

Sono421769d ago

WAW is legit, personally it's hard for me to choose between it and MW2 as my favorite.

matt139768d ago

They're both great. I don't think we will ever see COD titles that great again unfortunately.

Sophisticated_Chap770d ago

WaW was arguably the best WW2 game ever made. The campaign was gritty, it had 4 player campaign co-op, it brought zombies into the series, and the multiplayer maps were pretty much all excellent. This was back when CoD games were packed full with content, making them the best value by far in gaming. WaW is a gem in a series that hasn't been any good since Black Ops 2.

Sirk7x769d ago (Edited 769d ago )

Man, I really liked Black Ops 2. It was a very cool experience on Wii U as well playing on the tablet. And playing with motion controls wasn't even fair to others xD
It's amazing how far the series has fallen since then.

AnubisG770d ago (Edited 770d ago )

No, it's not. It is one of the best CoD games ever made. It had an amazing campaign, great multiplayer and introduced zombies.

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