EA and Star Wars need to get a divorce

After almost six years of disappointments and canceled games, EA should probably be absolved from the ability to make Star Wars games.

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staticall37d ago

I still don't understand why Disney gave exclusive license to single company and still didn't took it back from EA.

I mean, it's been 6 years and EA released just 2 AAA games (not counting mobile games), one was an empty shell, basically, and other gave a metric ton of bad PR for franchise, EA and Disney.

They could've given the license to few different developers and got games of different genres (not just 2 multiplayer shooters) - RPGs, tactical shooters, adventure games (linear/open world), arcade flying, even racing in reasonable time. They could've hit different age demographics with different games/genres.

Instead we have a fail №1 and fail №2 and disinterested Disney.

ArchangelMike37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Too true. Imagine what Rockstar could do with the Star Wars franchise, or CDPR, Rocksteady. I'm sure Disney would have noticed the succes that Spiderman is having through the partnership between Marvel and Sony. They should strike these types of deals with developers instead of going with the faceless megacorp publishers that don't even care about the franchise.

JokerBoy42237d ago

CDPR has their hands full with Cyberpunk so i dont think they could put up the resources needed. EA got it cuz at the time the contract was signed they were really big and hadnt yet gone full darkside.

Godmars29037d ago

Easy: EA paid for exclusivity and Disney doesn't care about gaming, less so for anything that might be "mature" because of their children/family preferences.

As for "RPGs, tactical shooters, adventure games (linear/open world), arcade flying, even racing" games, the FPS craze caused by COD, then the demand for realism has pretty much killed those genres. Regulated them out of mainstream/AAA gaming.

-Foxtrot37d ago

The biggest waste of the SW license I've seen

I don't even know who I'd like to see have it next. Maybe Bethesda since they could give it to MachineGames, Tango Games, id Software, Arkane Studios and Bethesda themselves if they pull their finger out after Fallout 76. Nice mix of First Person, Third Person, RPG, Shooter genres

ArchangelMike37d ago

Dear god NO! Please don't even think those thoughts, someone at Bethesda might hear you... the last thing we need right know is Star Wars 76, on an antiquated broken game engine.

-Foxtrot37d ago

Well like I said main studio wise, if they pulled their finger out but nothing is wrong with Arkane Studios, MachineGames, Tango Gameworks or id Software making one, all of their games have been quality over the years. Hell they might make a studio just for the license since it's so big and will bring in the money based on the name alone you never know.

They aren't perfect but I wouldn't like to see Activision or Ubisoft get it.

SegaGamer37d ago

I would prefer to have the license shared. That way, we can see different idea's from different companies and they would also give us more than 2 games in 5 years.

I think it would be a waste to let one company publish Star Wars games.

JackBNimble37d ago

Hasn't Bethesda been compared to EA after the last year?
Some of you guy's amaze me , you love to hate them but let's give them the SW licence.

Profchaos37d ago

Maybe take 2 could give it to a dev that will do it justice

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Apocalypse Shadow37d ago


Still despise them for more than just Star Wars over the years.

What sucks for me though is that PS Move never got a light saber game on PS3. But Kinect gets dancing Han Solo and flailing of arms to be a monster.

And now on PSVR, still can't get a Star Wars game with a pod racer race or speeder bike on rails through the forest, trench run, light saber battle or xwing space battle beyond ONE vr mission made by criterion. The moves are perfect for being a saber. But nope. Now EA is in the way this time. Ridiculous.

Star Wars VR would print money and shoot right to the top of sales right next to Job Simulator and Beat Saber. And would sell across all three major VR HMDs. It's a shame.

darthv7237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

PSVR would be an awesome place for Sega to bring home a port of their SW Arcade. It would have all you just listed. Speeder bikes on endor, light saber duels, snow speeder battle on hoth. the only thing it doesnt have is any of the prequel stuff but Sega did make an arcade pod racer.

Have you played the star wars battle pod in the arcade? That would be awesome in VR as well.

Apocalypse Shadow37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yeah. I did. It was and would be so awesome.

It would give even Wipeout a run for its money. Just hold the moves or the pc motion controls out like you're riding a bike.

I also remember the star wars game you're talking about. I thought it would be great too with a final light saber battle with vader like the game. You're talking about this one.

Yeah. Can only dream. My guess is if anything, we'll get something next gen.but that would be so far away. EA already has the assets needed without having to create much. All the characters are already rendered in battlefront that could be used now. But it's EA. Expecting anything from them is futile.

Makes me even miss the game cube star wars game. Factor 5 was awesome too.

Profchaos37d ago

We did get the space flight mission which was the first bit of content I played on my psvr.

But to be fair EA didn't have the starwars license back in the PS3 and 360 days so the Kinect game wasn't them.

Still battlefront is the only game we can judge EA by and it sucked overall both versions s failed to deliver an authentic star wars moment like they claimed to be capable of

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