GT Sport Adds Special Stage Route X, 8 New Cars, Out Tomorrow

GT Sport rings in 2019 with a huge new content update, including new cars and a fan-favorite circuit.

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IRetrouk770d ago

Looking forward to this, more free stuff is always good

StormSnooper770d ago (Edited 770d ago )

They are building them in a way to prepare for the future. That’s why their models could be rendered in 8K even.

770d ago
timotim770d ago

Slow trickle...don't consider this "huge" at all.

Rude-ro769d ago

Well.. being you are a Microsoft fan.. you would definitely know the meaning of “slow trickle” when it comes to games. 😂

timotim769d ago

Lol...that was actually pretty funny...made me chuckle haha.

But I'm a fan of racers in general and follow them all...these updates aren't huge at all. The game is still well behind what other races launched with in terms of content and its been out for over a year now.

Rude-ro769d ago

And @timotim
There is not many racers to compare it to.
It is not a true gran turismo or a forza.
This is meant for online for anyone, but specifically competitive as well with real time licensed racing events.
Outside of the fact that this is not your cookie cutter game engine and perhaps that is something you are use to, they are doing real time scanning of all these vehicles. This is a new engine that is gathering what it needs to move forward.. even car manufactures are using this engine for in house projects.
Sure, not for you.. but 7 million other people are finding a place with it.. and even beyond gaming.

Knushwood Butt769d ago


I logged in to upvote your comment. Thanks for the laugh.

On topic. Please add Porsche 917, even though I don't have enough credits to buy one.

timotim769d ago

According to YOU their isn't...but I can compare it to a lot of racers this Gen and it fails to compete with most of them, especially the case when you talk of any AAA racer in the last two years. Just because it lacks content and focuses mainly on online play doesn't mean you can't just means you don't want it to, because you know it doesn't come close to.

7 million? You mean 7 million players (not sold) out of over 91 million units sold of the PS4? I wouldn't brag about that. I look on twitch and see very low numbers of people CURRENTLY streaming/viewing the in the single digits low...

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IRetrouk769d ago (Edited 769d ago )

Trolling GT again Tim? Just play it, then your opinion might mean something, you spout the same bs dribble everytime you comment on a GT article, if you don't like the game why are you in almost every GT article trying to downplay it? Why are you not on the Forza 7 news stories when they get published? You give the odd praise to horizon but that's it, a fan of racers you say? Yet you keep trying to put GT down even though you have not played it, what racing fan does that?? do you know how silly you look? You say you can compare GT to a lot of racing games 🤣🤣🤣 you mean you can look at car numbers and use that to try to justify you're trolling🤣🤣 no racer does what GT has done this gen, none at all, no sim has tried to be an online competitive racing game with official tournaments and leagues and no racing game has official FIA backing, it's also the only AAA racing game that's had a whole new engine this gen, no old or reused assets over here. Which game series is it again that is taking a year out to work on their engine?? Can't be GT they already rebuilt from the ground up....

Jls1770d ago

I liked this track alot in gt6, but that was because we could tune the cars top speed. In gt sport we cant tune, so I think this track will be boring.

Goldby770d ago

you can still tune cars in GTS

Jls1769d ago

Actually you cant I dont see an option to put a supercharger or turbo on cars. Or exhaust or transmission etc

Goldby769d ago

Actually you can, all they have done is simplify it into different stages.

instead of buying exhaust, camshafts, turbos and such, you simply upgrade the car.

on top of that, unless you have never gone into the car setting page, there is still a lot you can tune.

try looking at the game next time before making a ridiculous statement like that

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