Can Nintendo Stay on Top

Nintendo is great at a great many things. In a lot of ways, they are innovative. In other ways, the company needs to innovate more.

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SuperSonic9135d ago

On top of what?

8th gen
1st place PS4
2nd place Xbox One
3rd place Wii U

Even if you combine the 9th gen Switch numbers with Wii U Nintendo will still be 3rd place.

SMH at these erroneous claims.

2pacalypsenow35d ago

Careful the Nintendo force will not like this comment.

SuperSonic9135d ago (Edited 35d ago )

No worries, bro. Those men on the moon can't land on the truth and alter it.
No amount of denial can touch hide the truth.

badz14934d ago

3DS is not this gen though and since when did we count handheld the same as console generations? just because the Switch is a hybrid, doesn't suddenly mean all handhelds should be counted as consoles too

Literal_Cringe34d ago

Oh, so we're talking about THIS gen now? 9th gen, then Nintendo is automatically on top since they're the only ones with a console this gen so far.

3DS is 8th gen which was what we were talking about.

Sono42134d ago

Until they give their online portion basic features, they will never be on top in my eyes.

Knushwood Butt34d ago


8th gen, Nintendo are on top by combining the 3DS


9th gen, Nintendo are on top because the Switch is the only 9th gen system.

Genius. Nintendo fans can sleep well tonight.

SuperSonic9132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

PS4 + PS Vita= 91.6 + 16 M= 107.6 M

Wii U + 3DS = 13.5 M + 73.5 = 87 M

SONY is on top of Nintendo by a mountain of hardware units.

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PCgamer9834d ago

Technically they're on top since switch is next gen and ps5/nextbox aren't release yet.

SuperSonic9134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

So they are on top of nothing then, logically.

Gemmol34d ago

Well by what you wrote they in first place for 9th gen so the article have a good reason to ask that question can they keep the 9th gen lead

SuperSonic9134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

How can they lead when there is no 9th gen competition yet?
Talk about leading when the next PlayStation is out.

Gemmol33d ago

Say whatever you want to brush things to the side but no matter what you say ps5 and Xbox two is coming and right now the switch is building a huge lead by time they drop.......Wii U was not able to keep its lead before the ps4 and Xbox One drop, but Switch won't have that issue

Even if ps5 came out this year in November by that time switch already close to 40 million or past it

SuperSonic9132d ago (Edited 32d ago )


PS4 + PS Vita= 91.6 + 16 M= 107.6 M

Wii U + 3DS = 13.5 M + 73.5 = 87 M

SONY is on top of Nintendo this gen by a mountain of hardware units.

PS4 is still out selling all Nintendo hardware combined today. How much more when the PS5 arrives?

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2pacalypsenow35d ago

Nintendo hasn’t been on top since the SNES days.

badz14934d ago (Edited 34d ago )

well..they did dominate with the Wii

2pacalypsenow34d ago

Not with games, in fact the race was between Xbox 360 and PS3. Wii wasn’t even mentioned except for the few exclusives they had and 90% shovelware.

bluefox75534d ago

Because they bottled lightning and tapped into the casual market, a market which has long since moved onto smartphones. It's not because the console or games were actually good.

TK-5534d ago (Edited 34d ago )


"Not with games, in fact the race was between Xbox 360 and PS3. Wii wasn’t even mentioned except for the few exclusives they had and 90% shovelware."

So first they're not on top because of sales and then they're not on top because of games. Can you pick one standard and roll with it, please?

OffRoadKing34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

"On top"? LOL, not sure what this dudes smokin but you must first get on top in order to stay on top. I like how Nintendo fans think if they just proclaim stuff it somehow makes it true, oh wait Cheat Code Central now I get it.

Gemmol34d ago

They in 1st place for 9th generation the article ask a good question can they stay on top in it

sinspirit34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The title is misleading though. Clearly, they would know what everyone that sees it would think. That's common sense. The Switch doesn't follow the same generation release concept. They should have added something like "For The 9th Generation Consoles" at the end. I'd rather rename it, "Can Nintendo Hold The 9th Gen Lead?"

I love the Switch. I think that it will have a hefty hardware refresh when the PS5 and next XBox come out, and hopefully it will be great enough to allow PS4/XBox level games(which should be more than possible with the new 7nm chips), which would mean that it would get much more 3rd party support since this level of processing should allow all the engines and demanding effects that are necessary for a more simple port to be done, and simply adjusting the graphics settings will do rather than reworking/removing assets.

Cueil34d ago

Don't think Nvidia is that close to 7nm tabs... Correct me if I am wrong

DJK1NG_Gaming34d ago

The very statement of Nintendo being on Top articles triggers people
how sad.

Zeldafan6434d ago

They waste a lot of time and energy.

badz14934d ago

while Nintendo fanboys stay in delusional land

Persian_Immortal34d ago

Yep Nintendo EAD, Retro Studios, Monolith, Game Freak, and the other first party devs keep bringing out the banger exclusives they gonna remain at the Top, Switch is selling on par with the best selling home consoles and handhelds and could potentially be near 50 million sales before the twins release and could hold on to a lead for quite some time.

Zeldafan6434d ago

It will be way over 50 million towards the end of 2020. It"ll be at 50 million possibly by the end of this year.