Assassin's Creed 3 Remaster Release Date Leaked By French Retailer

Assassin's Creed 3 and Assassin's Creed Liberation remaster release date has been leaked by a French retailer and it is due out soon.

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Myst-Vearn738d ago

I totally forgot about this.

Immorals738d ago

I hope all 6 people who enjoyed a 3 and asked for this enjoy it

ziggurcat738d ago

3 wasn't that bad. Connor wasn't the greatest character, but it was still an enjoyable game for me.

sander9702738d ago

I loved 3 it was awesome in fact I think the entire series before Origins was pretty amazing looking back, but after Origins it seems to have just fallen apart. I can't say I'm hyped to see what the next AC game is because I know it will be Origins 3.0 in a setting I barely care about so I might actually get this when it hits.

annoyedgamer738d ago

I really liked Connor. And his father was an extremely memorable character. The dialogue from him was amusing and the world was well designed and made me want to visit 1700's North America.

Hardiman738d ago

I did too and I enjoyed the story told over Black Flag, Rogue and III! I can't wait for this.

iplay1up2738d ago

I liked it, and sales clearly were good enough to warrant a remake. My question is, why so soon? Wait till next gen, and really make it shine.

nibblo738d ago

Are you kidding? 3 was one of the better ones and Haytham was the best hero/villain in the series as far as I'm concerned. Connor was maybe a bit too Stoic but that was the only negative I can think off.

starchild738d ago

I liked Connor and related to his story. And the combat was probably the smoothest and most movie-like of the whole series. I enjoyed the gameplay, narrative and setting of the game.

The7Reaper738d ago

1 of the 6 checking in and don't worry I will enjoy it 👍

Goldenarmz737d ago

I Enjoyed it, but not enough to buy the remaster.

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ziggurcat738d ago

Ooooh, I did not realize that there's a Liberation remaster, too. It's the only one I really haven't played. I started it on my Vita when it first came out, but have long-since come to the conclusion that I am not a handheld gamer, and so it's been put on the backburner.

Yi-Long738d ago

After Red Dead 2, Ubisoft has to do much better than a simple HD upgrade (Ezio Collection) if it wants their AC3 remaster to look anything close to the gorgeous world Rockstar built...

DrumBeat738d ago

I don't think Ubisoft is competing with Rockstar. Rockstar builds their games their way, and Ubisoft builds their games their way. Two different design philosophies basically. It's also annual and biannual vs an almost decade of development time for Rockstar.

They're not thinking "Oh man, how can we compete with Red Dead 2!?" I'm sorry, but they're just not.

738d ago
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