Travis Strikes Again teases No More Heroes 3

The game hasn't even released yet, and it's already got us talking about the next game featuring Travis Touchdown.

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instantstupor775d ago

Well the reviews have come out and it seems like the reception will not lend itself well to helping an actual No More Heroes sequel come to life down the line. It always sucks when these low effort titles come out to kind of hold hostage better games. It sounds like it should have cost maybe $20, but that it still would ultimately not be a good enough game even at a value pricepoint.

I remember an interesting discussion way back when it was announced - before gameplay was available - about how it was going to be Travis jumping around many different indie games, and they clearly couldn't make the deals necessary for that vision to be seen through. Instead, we got this half baked, limp arcade game which is just a bummer all around.

Muigi775d ago

This was an indie spin-off I dont think anybody expected to be on par with the mainline games. Nor do I think this affects the third in the series which was confirmed months ago. Plus it’s probably gonna be a switch exclusive so they have the financial backing to make it regardless of reviews or sales of an indie title.

Kikutaro774d ago

Nice to see an upcoming ps4 exclusive right there