A Lot Of People Didn't Complete The Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo

PC Invasion: “You might be surprised to find out that a lot of people didn't actually finish the Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo.”

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UltraNova2012d ago

I didn't cause I had to look at every nook and cranny...the trip down to memory lane was too much...need to get this gem.

LaWiiG2012d ago

I finished on PC and not Xbox One. I looked at so much stuff and even boarded up the window randomly.

Yeah, it’s gonna be a for sure day one!

Jin_Sakai2011d ago

“A Lot Of People Didn't Complete The Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo”

It’s hard to complete the demo when you have a stupid time limit.

Kosic2010d ago

Didn't find it that difficult. I didn't see a timer on the screen but I didn't stand about waiting for it to end either.

Completed the demo in 19m27sec.

The game felt great. But my first issue was the zombies looked/acted a lot like they came out of dead rising but just polished up a bit.

The demo was really short, but it was a good look at what re2 is on this gen.

CrimsonPheonix2010d ago

Same I didn't care about completing it I jut wanted to look around and catch the vibes

SlagWolf2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Same I played it till time was up. I explored for every piece of ammo and item. I don’t know why they put a time limit in the demo. This isn’t the kind of game I rush through. Either way I enjoyed what I played and sold me on buying it

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Sgt_Slaughter2011d ago

Most people who buy full games don't even get basic, progression-based achievements/trophies (The Simpsons Movie game has an achievement just for pressing start at the title screen, and that wasn't 100% earned) only a few hours into a game, so this is normal.

Matrix62011d ago

Not surprising to me with a very limited time to play.

ClayRules20122010d ago

For real. I died once, than after not figuring out exactly what I was suppose to do, I saw the map, and that. The one room was red (meaning I hadn’t completed everything in it, and found the window to jump down from. Once I did, I only had 58-59 seconds left and was so annoyed.

CrimsonWing692011d ago

Yea because they didn’t want to rush and complete it. It sure would’ve been nice exploring the environment and trying to solve some of those puzzles at my own pace.

Look, let’s be real a “1-shot” demo is stupid. The only reason I can’t say it’s pointless is in the good ol’ words of Keiji Inafune, “It’s better than nothing!”

ocelot072011d ago

I didn't both on PS4 and PC. PC version I got a little lost (thanks to not spotting the window in office until to late). PS4 one was exploring a little was about to finish just opened the door with the key to return to the main hall and demo ended due to time expiring.