Positive Signs Of Bungie's Independence Already Spotted In Destiny 2

Talha Amjad writes: "Bungie has separated from Activision and has got the rights to Destiny. This news was taken very positively by the fans and we are already seeing signs of Bungie’s independence in Destiny 2 as the developer has already begun its efforts to make the game better."

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rdgneoz335d ago

"The gist of the matter is that players will now be matched up against enemies that are ranked closer to them. This will make the game much more interesting."

If it took Bungie separating from Activision to do this, that is quite sad. Its something simple that many games do easily...

NarutoFox35d ago

That is sad. Activision should be a shame of themselves.

RacerX35d ago

Yes, Activision forced a system where you are matched against higher ranking people with better weapons, to manipulate you into spending more time and money to compete.

Ninver34d ago

Damn you exposed some heavy truth. It went over alot of people's heads.

Atanasrikard34d ago

I am going to assume this is sarcasm.

CorndogBurglar34d ago

I'm assuming this is sarcasm. But in case it's not, there is nothing in Destiny that makes you better or stronger by spending money.

Also, aside from Iron Banner, which only comes around once a month, PvE puts everyone on the same playing field as far as power level. So this really doesn't make any sense.

Palitera34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Can you buy non cosmetic items through microtransactions or is this just an ignorant comment?

OnlyThoseOnTheFence34d ago

He's right you know. Activision patented this type of machmaking for that specific reason:

ziggurcat34d ago


"... there is nothing in Destiny that makes you better or stronger by spending money."

if the matchmaking was designed in such a way to get people to feel as though they had to purchase things (like booster packs or time savers) in order to compete with the people they're matched with, then yes... there is something in the game that does that.

CorndogBurglar34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

@ Ziggurcat

"if the matchmaking was designed in such a way to get people to feel as though they had to purchase things (like booster packs or time savers) in order to compete with the people they're matched with, then yes... there is something in the game that does that."

Destiny 2 doesn't have any "booster packs" or "time savers" that you spend real money on.

The closest thing D2 has is something called a Fireteam Medallion. All it does is raises the chances of having a Legendary weapon drop after beating a Strike. Once activated these last for 4 hours and there is never any reason to spend money on them because they give you so much Bright Dust to buy them that you should never run out.

The Eververse is the only place you can buy things with real money and they are all cosmetic. They have something called an Eververse Medallion which does the same thing as the Fireteam Medallion except instead of dropping weapons it drops random cosmetic items.

And again, for PvE every player's power level and stats are placed at the same level when you join a match. So no one has any real advantage over anyone else aside from what weapons they decide to use. So there are no boosters or time savers since everything is based on random drops anyway.

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neutralgamer199235d ago

Also did Activision stop then from matcch making feature in destiny? What aboit micro transactions which bungie themselves suggested

I know people want to blame Activision but let's not act so naive to think everything that was wrong with destiny was because of Activision. Bungie knowingly signed the 10 year deal with promise of delivering more content than they could actually develop. They owned the IP so it was always their call to make

I am excited for the future of destiny I really am but I am also skeptical because now bungie can't blame Activision do they better be real careful

Activision always took the blunt of all the hate so let's see now

UltraNova35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

This ^^ guy gets it.

Bungie is of equal blame for Destiny's state, if not more since they were the ones who willingly signed a deal with Activision. Open your eyes people.

Like I said before, we will see Bungie's true nature when they are left on their own devices.

LightofDarkness34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

*Brunt, not blunt.

I did snicker at the idea of Activision rocking a giant blunt made of hate, though.

Obscure_Observer34d ago


Perfect! That´s exaclty how i feel regarding EA.

rainslacker34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I do wonder why people think Bungie would be against making money. They know people will pay it, because they have for the first two games, and while I'm sure Activision had some influence, Bungie will still need to make money to produce the game.

Maybe good things will come, but Bungie spent years under MS, and then Activision, so they know what can make money. Even before being brought by MS, they knew how to make money. They were not in danger of going out of business.

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amazinglover35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Activision https://www.rockpapershotgu... did patent a system where you are matched against higher level players with premium weapons and armor in attempt to entice people to spend more money to catch up to them but from I understand they never implemented this. Bungie may have done something similar in making matchmaking preferring higher ranked opponents for the same reasons to try and make more money. Not excusing them as they have some blame as well just trying to understand the decision they made to change there system.

OffRoadKing35d ago

Game balancing and connection for both crucible and the sandbox have been changed many times throughout the years Destiny has existed, some times for better some times for worse, this is nothing new and it has little to do with Activision. That being said hopefully the changes they claim to have made will be an improvement but I do expect longer wait time for matches as a result of this which they have themselves already alluded to.

Atanasrikard34d ago

It didn't so you don't need to be sad.

TheOtherMoon34d ago

Yes, Activision makes decisions based on the dollars, not the user experience. Not a Destiny fan, and happy to see Bungie gain its independence.

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Gameseeker_Frampt35d ago

It is sad how people people think Activision had anything to do with this. Destiny 2 had skill based matchmaking at launch. Then Bungie broke it. Some players liked it broken. Some hated it. 6 months later, Bungie finally did something with the system they broke.

TK-5535d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yeah I also doubt Bungie would be able to implement an unplanned fix for it in under a week. This was likely already in the works before the Activision split. I think some are just desperately looking to find reasons to blame the publisher right now and act as though the developers were mindless zombies following orders.

Michiel198934d ago

agreed. Same thing with wow, its not activision who made Blizz create a unintuitive, boring and broken progresion system (and mot of the other aspects of the expansion). People just say: it was all activision to stay in the illusion that bungie only made great games. Its like the family of a criminal in court, they will deny he did anything untill he confesses. Then they will say: he had no choise, poor thing!

awdevoftw35d ago

It's all bungie. I'm sure Activision put ssles targets to hit for them, but it has always been bungie. Good or bad. If Activision had such control, why would they just let them walk? Please.

chris23535d ago

sounds like fanboy‘s interpretation and fantasy runs wild in the open :/ blowing things out of proportion. funny, but also annoying.

kayoss35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Almost 5 years just to do this? This is what Bungie always do, tell players to send their comments and feedback. But they never really do anything about it. Near the end of destiny 1, fans said they dont want microtranaction. What did Bungie do, they implemented Microtransaction in Destiny 2.
Fans didnt want to grind to level up, what did Bungie do, they throttle the leveling system.

Michiel198934d ago

Yes they have fallen from grace, lets just hope they can recreate their golden days again.

kayoss34d ago

Im not sure if they ever had a golden day. If rumors are true, Bungie did shady things in the first Destiny 1. Like cutting content. I think the only thing that is compelling about Destiny was the game play which kept me playing for a while.

Michiel198934d ago

I meant Halo era with the golden days

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