Nintendo's Bold Switch Sales Target Could Be Achievable After All

Remember when Nintendo projected it would sell 20 million Switch consoles in the current fiscal year? The prediction was met with pretty widespread derision, with many industry analysts claiming it was far too high to be achievable – especially when you take into account the Switch's second year on sale, which arguably had fewer first-party smash-hits to rely upon.

Despite this negativity, it would seem that there's a chance Nintendo's estimate (which it has stuck by through thick and thin) is actually spot-on. While there's no solid sales data as yet – that will come direct from Nintendo's official channels at the end of the month as part of its Q3 results – the Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki is reporting that things are definitely looking up for Switch.

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Eonjay33d ago

If there is no solid data I would simply hold off on solid data.

SuperSonic9133d ago

Remember when they predicted the Wii U would sell 100 million units?

DJK1NG_Gaming33d ago

no one predicted anything like that

SuperSonic9133d ago

@ DJ it was alll over the news they forecasted 100 million units.

Eonjay33d ago

Yes I do. This isn't hard guys just Google it.

SkywalkerEl33d ago

That was just one person at Nintendo in an "internal sales meeting", so not really sure how mentioning this is relevant to this article.

DJK1NG_Gaming33d ago

"Nintendo Believed the Wii U Would Sell 100 Million Units"
Keyword: "Believed"
Not predict.

believing isn't predicting

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neocores805533d ago

was there not a report that they LOWERED it to like 16MIl or 17MIL because they were not going to hit the 20MIL mark i smell bs here.

Atom66633d ago

I don't think they did. Furukawa admitted it wouldn't be easy, but I think they stuck with 20 mil. That was just last month.

Rumors are saying they sold 10 million+ in Oct. through Dec. That's going to put them close to 16mil. for the year so far, with a few months to go. It'll be surprising, but they might hit 20.

ZeekQuattro33d ago

Let's see this REPORT. I'm sure it would be news to Furukawa. Lol

Benjaminkno33d ago

I still think they’ll be short by 1.5-2 million, but still stupid impressive.

Fraggle198733d ago

I think will be short by a couple of mil. Not bad though considering the game drought they have had this year.

Brazz33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

They are still far from 20M. The writer got no basis to say ninty is close to hit their sales target and many industry insider keep saying that they are not going to hit 20m, in fact, they probably going to sell less than sony playstation.

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