Nintendo won't fire Russian boss after investigation into workplace conduct

Nintendo has said it will not fire the head of its Russian division, Yasha Haddaji, following an extensive investigation into his workplace conduct.

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PoSTedUP37d ago

IF he is making nintendo lose a lot of money then fire him. not because he is an asshole and hard to work with. nintendo does have a policy though but it still is up to them to make the final decision. not everyone is or has to be nice, they just have to do their damn job and not commit crimes. hes a CEO he apparently didnt get there by being a nice guy. there was a little harassment (insults) in the video. but to be honest that was some of the tamest behavior id expect from a CEO having a problem and trying to get the job done while people around him are failing. he definitely should be investigated though because of the claims. everyone deserves to be heard.