Call of Duty Black Ops 4's New Update Names and Shames Everyone Without A Season Pass

What’s worse than not being able to play the exclusive maps of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season pass? Getting called out for not having it in the first place.

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shaun mcwayne36d ago

How do we get people to buy the season pass? Point at them, tell them to get a job.

Codedan34d ago

Activision money grabs at any chance it gets, and your reaction is to tell them to get a job? How about use the money from the dots for everyone to have the season pass? Shaming people who enjoy your game is a quick way for them not too.

shaun mcwayne34d ago

I was making a joke. Also i dont play cod. its a joke of a franchise. Of you don't know that by now, the jokes on you.

lociefer35d ago

Really hope they go out of business

RomanPSX34d ago

No. Or people can buy the pass. Is the game I have the most fun for years, so I hope they DONT go out of business. EPIC with fortnite can go out of business. EA can go out of business.

yoshatabi34d ago

The game is shit. Don't get me wrong. It's one of the best cod gameplays. But their business practices literally made the game shit

ninerguy160835d ago

Safe spaces should be optional for the warning signs.

Sirk7x35d ago

It's a psychological tactic. It will promote people with the pass to troll and make fun of others for not having it, making young and susceptible people (namely, the entire CoD demographic) more likely to try to spend money to get the pass.

ninerguy160834d ago

Safe spaces for these messages should be optional too.

zodiac90935d ago

Activision and EA need to die.

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SenorFartCushion34d ago

They're the Republics and Tories of the games industry.

SlagWolf34d ago

I’m waiting for that day with great anticipation

porkChop35d ago

It isn't working well though. Most people in lobbies don't have the season pass, so it just highlights how few people actually bought it.

elazz35d ago

I really don't see a point in getting the season pass for that price. There is nothing substantial added. I prefer real expansions like the old days. Like frozen wilds

Ciporta198035d ago (Edited 35d ago )

That's not the old days that's less than 2 years ago.

TK-5534d ago


Back in my day... 2 years ago....

KyRo34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I've generally only ever bought the season passes for the Black Ops line of COD games as they were the only ones I felt gave enough to Warrent with my love for the zombies mode at the time but am I fuck paying £40 with massively reduced content compared to previous years, that and I haven't really liked the direction Zombies has moved in.

They should of moved to what everyone else has done and gone the free route with the maps, stops map and player segration and keeps the dlc relevant. They even came out and said most of their revenue comes from the cancer that is MTs anyway.

Yodagamer34d ago

It should have been included since it was an online only game and without it the player base is going to be split later on.

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ravinash35d ago

Yeah, it just confirms my decision to not buy a season pass because i know there is hardly anyone around who can play those maps.

Work paid as a bonus one of the earlier version of COD because we played after work.
That included the season pass, but when we connected on line, we found hardly anyone was playing these maps.
We actually had to uninstall the season pass so we could join the normal players and actually find a game to join.

kneon34d ago

I just never buy season's passes at all. I don't stick with a game long enough for it to ever be worth it, there are too many other games to play.