Kojima visits Guerrilla Games to show Death Stranding to the team

At this moment, Hideo Kojima is in Amsterdam, at Guerrilla Games, and showed off the progress he and his team have made on Death Stranding. And Managing director Hermen Hulst seems to be impressed with what he saw. Kojima Productions is collaborating with Guerrilla Games on the Decima Engine, the game engine that powers both studio’s titles. When Kojima started his own studio a few years ago, Hermen Hulst handed him the engine’s code so he could get started right away. That’s how the collaboration between the Dutch and Japanese studio began, and Kojima Productions even set up a satellite studio within Guerrilla Games.

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ArchangelMike32d ago

Well somethings brewing, that's for sure! I guess Kojima Productions have completed a significant milestone if they're showing it off to GG. Although I'm still not convinced Death Stranding will release this year, I mean, when was the last time Kojima developed a game in like 3 years? The only hint we have is that Kojima said the game wold be out before the Tokyo Olympics, which starts on 24th July 2020. So I reckon we'll see Death Stranding around April 2020.

Nyxus32d ago

I do believe it's coming this year, Kojima hinted at that. Also, Peace Walker released in less than 2 years after MGS4. It helps that they didn't have to create the engine themselves for Death Stranding, and they could use Guerrilla's.

ArchangelMike32d ago

I'm not sure if I would count Peace Walker since it's a portable game. The development scales are very different for mobile titles and full AAA releases. Moreover Peace Walker was a subsequent release to MGS:Portable Ops, so much of the games infrastructure was already in place.

I get that Kojima is using the Decima engine, and so doesn't have to build an engine from scratch, but still they only got that engine in 2016, and at that time Kojima Productions and GG were collaborating to refine the engine with Mark Carny's help -

Nyxus32d ago

@ ArchangelMike: true, but that was less than two years, and now they've had more already. Kojima is pretty fast when it comes to developing games, and for DS he was able to focus on one project while in the past he usually had to oversee multiple projects. So I think there's a good chance.

sprinterboy31d ago

Yeah having the engine in place from GG certainly took about 2yrs off dev time which is roughly how long it takes to make a triple AAA game engine.

whothedog31d ago

I thought someone confirmed its releasing early this year, how early is early is up for determination. Very excited for this one.

Nyxus31d ago

@ whothedog: no official release date has been given, this year seems plausible but I think it'd be more realistic to expect it later in the year rather than early.

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Jin_Sakai32d ago

Only Kojima could leave Guerrilla Games speechless. I can’t wait to see more of Death Stranding!

nucky6431d ago

i can't wait till (after watching some footage) i finally understand what the he11 is going on! LOL

Jin_Sakai31d ago

“i can't wait till (after watching some footage) i finally understand what the he11 is going on! LOL”

sprinterboy31d ago

I'm still thinking ps5 launch exclusive with a downgraded ps4 version. Death stranding alone will ensure record launch sales of all time (all platforms) ie week 1 launch sales for Sony with the PS5 and top of it off we will have hzd2 around launch window, bloodborne 2 around launch window, bc upgraded ps4 games etc etc.

Nyxus31d ago

Pretty sure it will be released as PS4 game first, and then possibly later be ported to PS5 as an improved version. Same thing that happened with The Last of Us, which came out at the end of the PS3's lifetime.

Rude-ro31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

These consoles are now monthly “memberships” if you will...
The goal of these gaming companies is to do more to secure “memberships” because that carries an attachment.
My point? Sony has been delivering huge games... why not continue that trend to bring in any new players still out there. Make the community as large as possible, build confidence with said games, then release the ps5 with that trust in place?
It worked for the PS4... might as well continue that trend.

ILostMyMind31d ago

If PS5 will be BC with PS4 why Death Stranding needs to be ported?

Nyxus31d ago

@ ILostMyMind: that's also a possibility but we don't know it yet. They could also add some stuff for the hypothetical PS5 rerelease.

DarXyde31d ago

Decima was created for PS4. If anything, they'll re-release it on PS5 or maybe, if PS5 is backwards compatible, the hardware will scale it up. As a title I expect to be available on next gen hardware, it would make sense if it doesn't take full advantage of PS5. Being scaled up for more powerful hardware is pretty much the same as a launch title: doesn't take full advantage of the hardware, but still beats what's out now.

yomfweeee31d ago

Death Stranding is turning out to be an unusual game. Even if it is great, I do not think it is going to sell a lot or be a major system seller.

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DarXyde31d ago

I suspect a lot of his development time in the past came down to company politics (Konami and all that), engine development, and making drastic changes to each new iteration of Metal Gear Solid while retaining the core mechanics. It can be quite difficult to expand upon an existing franchise.

We've still not seen much at all of Death Stranding, but I think he's had an idea for the game for a while and is using Decima. Plus, Sony is giving him a good amount of freedom, so company politics may not impede the process so much. Lastly, it is an exclusive and Kojima knows the architecture of PS4 pretty well. All of that, to me, suggests it will be a shorter wait than we're used to with Kojima.

I suspect it'll be out late this year or early next. Depends on when we get another showing and hands-on impressions, in my opinion.

We'll see. You could be right though.

ArchangelMike31d ago

I agree that the developmet time for Death Stranding has moved quite quickly, and I think you're right that Kojima said he had most of the game worked out for quite sometime. However I'm minded that it's Sony that set release dates, and they have been very strategic when setting release dates for their exclusive titles.

I'm assuming that PS5 will be released holiday 2020, however I think in the lead up to that, and in order to keep PS4 sales afloat, they will release some high profile exclusives that year. I think Death Stranding will be one of those games (March 2020?), possibly Ghost of Tsushima as well (Aug 2020?), and maybe even TLOU (Sept. 2020?) . This will ensure that in 2020 you still have anticipated PS4 exclusives that will still drive PS4 console sales that year.

sprinterboy31d ago

Interesting theories non the less buddy, certainly gonna be a year of rumours, speculation, excitement over the coming year regarding death stranding, tlou pt2, nxt gen etc

DarXyde31d ago


If Sucker Punch release dates historically are anything to go by, I'm expecting Ghost of Tsushima to release between March-May this year or next.


I have no idea what to expect with The Last of Us Part II. Naughty Dog will have a release window for one time of year and completely change it if there's a delay. Could be fall, could be spring. I can't call it a trend since there has only been one entry in the series so far, but it seems like they're aiming for an end-of-generation release again, so my guess is, if The Last of Us Part II really is coming this year, we'll see PS5 early next year or late this year, primarily because I suspect they want a certain amount of time between The Last of Us and new hardware.

Either way, it's a good release window: holidays... or tax season.

paintedgamer198431d ago

The game supposedly has been in dev much greater than 3 years. I heard 4 years 2 years ago lol

Moe-Gunz31d ago

People still on this? MGS5 took a long time because they created a game engine from scratch. He was given an engine and just altered it for Death Stranding. It very well can be released this year. He hinted at it and the actors are done recording.

AmUnRa30d ago

I agree with you when you make a game you first need a game engine. You can buy one, but you must tweak it for your game, and for the console you make the game for. And that is a lot of work. When you have a game engine that is specific designed for the PS4 that wil save you a lot of time.

And thats the case here. The game engine for Dead Stranding was already there.
So a 2019 realese can be possible.

WelkinCole30d ago

My head says Feb-Apr 2020.
My heart wants 2019

KillBill30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

So why not May or June.... or even early July for that matter???

Ratchet7530d ago

Mgs2 2001
Mgs3 2004
And bear in mind, for Mgs3 an entire new engine was created. So who knows

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NarutoFox32d ago

After reading this I can't wait for this game.

Nyxus31d ago

I hope we can get a release date soon!

Travis370831d ago

Please let this game susceed! I want more of what I've seen.

InTheZoneAC31d ago

People that choose to miss out on actual great exclusives have no idea what they're missing. Can't wait.

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