The New Mad Box: A Slightly Mad or Genius Idea

When console news comes to the forefront, people tend to expect something from a major company. Maybe a new system from a Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo. If someone really wants to get into the weeds, maybe speculation about something from Sega or Atari. The last thing you expect a recognizable, but less notable, developer claiming it is preparing a new system for a few years from now. That's exactly what a developer named Slightly Mad Studios said, though. It claims it is making a Mad Box console. So, how does the outlook seem for such a thing? Could such a platform have potential?

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SierraGuy36d ago

"Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell told Variety, there are no plans for exclusive games. Bell's exact quote was, "We think exclusives are ‘exclusionary’ but given that we’ll be shipping a cross platform engine to all developers it will be their choice. "

This thing is DOA.

Don't they see how that mentality worked out for Xbox this gen?

mkis00736d ago

If it gets all the third party games it could hirt xbox's power first angle.

ABizzel136d ago


I doubt it'll do much damage, but for gamers who are looking at simply having the most powerful hardware, chances are this is going to be it. There's no available niche in gaming outside of high-end PConsole, and niche low-end affordable console.

The PS and Xbox consoles rule the mid-range, and the cost and value of those consoles is enough to generally justify spending the extra $100 - $200 over Nintendo's previous low-budget offerings.

Nintendo dominates handhelds, so there's no one who can really compete there.

A low cost, $199 gaming console could be a secondary / 3rd option buy for gamers as long as it has the guys. On the other end, a high-end $600 - $1,000 console could appeal to those who simply want the most powerful, but will be a very niche audience.