Sony: Developers Don't Need Publishers for PS3 and PSP

Sony has told Eastern European developers at the Casual Connect conference in Kiev that they don't need publishers.

Sony Europe's developer relations manager George Bain told developers that they can deal directly with Sony for PS3 and PSP games:

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Forbidden_Darkness4650d ago

Only proving that Sony is the best in the business, allowing developers a chance to create something very unique and different, and not having to have a publisher to back the title up. It also allows for a better relationship between the two for developement help and future projects. The PS3s exclusives list will continue to grow largely and make the PS3 the must have Next Gen Console.

ultimolu4650d ago

Damn straight.
They know exactly what they're doing.

hay4650d ago

Yeah, that's really a surprise for me. Anyways it's a really good offer from Sony. Sucks for publishers. EA?

Bill4650d ago

Just as Bo knows baseball, Sony knows video games. Sony has brought us brilliant titles time and time again, they bring innovation, and are not afraid to push the envelope. You can't deny the countless hours we've all enjoyed since the Playstation 1 was introduced. Sony knows the business

Thugbot1874650d ago

I wouldn't go as far as to say Sony is the best company in business, because there are something it does really well and other not so well in contrast to other business. This however is one of there strengths this generation allowing more of the homebrew, or small guys to get in on game development. I hope they keep setting the bar high like this.

This will allow for those companies that may have wanted to develop a game without getting used and abused by the publishers to bring the idea to the console, and make some money for there hard work. Hope MS and Nintendo learn from this and follow Sony in this.

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jaffa_cake4650d ago

wow, means if this is true, naughty dog and all the other owned studios wont be best pleased. could of cut out paying sony to publish there games and claimed all the profit for them selves.
this also means more games coming to the ps3.
due to this new loop hole, i fear most of the new software released without a publisher will be just shovelware games.
i see bungie who are not owned making games for the ps3, without finding a publisher why not 100% profit for the selves.
lets hope if sony goes ahead with this, this don't make all future exclusives just mindless rubbish.
Lets see some developers i.e bungie, level 5 get behind this idea, and turn out some real AAA gems for the ps3.

Pennywise4650d ago

If you think they will do it for FREE, you are out of your mind.

hay4650d ago

This doesn't mean that anyone can go free for all on PS3. Sony will still be doing content checks and games will still need approval.

Beast_Master4650d ago

Sony owns naughty dog. Sony writes their paychecks. Insomniac as an exclusive contract with Sony. They pay these developers to create these games then give them a cut of the profits. Sony hit a homerun with MM and they are making this move to hopefully find another developer like that.

tk4650d ago

They are just recruiting another set of new 2nd Party Dev Houses. The good ones will be bought.

pain777pas4650d ago

Tk your right on the money!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fishy Fingers4650d ago

Read the source:

Or if you prefer, the duplicate:

Much more information then a few messly ripped lines of text. This also relates much more to the PS2, PSP and PSN then something like a BR PS3 title.

heyheyhey4650d ago

the one about the PSN is important..

Sony's outstanding ability to from relationships with very independent developers has led to the creation of excellent indie games such as Everyday Shooter and Novastrike.... and even something completely different like Linger in Shadows

it looks like all that has only just begun..

thehitman4650d ago

BR Titles you NEED a publisher to back up your game unless you were some big shot with a lot of money and can fund your own games. Sony are trying to get more support for their psn/psp titles and I like the freedom they are giving to new comers trying to find there way in the industry.

hay4650d ago

Oh, thanks Fishy, bubbles for the link mate.

chrisnick4650d ago

i think this is what they did with media molecule....this means more exclusives for ps3/psp and gives the developers a chance to make a little more money and provide free content for their games hassle free.

ultimolu4650d ago

Yeah, it does.
Psssh, and they say the PS3 is dead. xD

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