First 10 minutes of Prince of Persia

The first 10 minutes of Prince of Persia, shot at yesterday's Eurogamer Expo.

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chrisnick4275d ago

its painful watching these ppl play....they suck!!!

lunaticpanda1014275d ago

i played this game there as well, it really impressed me. Unlike RE5 which wasn't as great as I thought it would be.

iNcRiMiNaTi4275d ago

the HD videos i seen in gametrailers looks amazing. i like developers who create these worlds. its too bad some games dont get noticed when devs take a risk at a different style than the more common ones. ICO, Shadow of the colossus, and okami where amazing games but consumers just brush them off so the chances of seeing more games like these are slim and what were left with are similar games with slight differences, but some are innovative.

i like games like LBP and mirrors edge because they take a risk and stray from the norm.

Daver4275d ago

I completely agree, im thinking the same thing acually

Elimin84275d ago

But i like that they aren't that many like it to be honest... thats what makes it different from the rest, however as you mentioned it is a shame that they "consumers" most of them at least, don't give it a shot or second glance...

Tarasque4275d ago

I am kinda up in the air about the game, while i liked the last version. I am not so sure about me liking the art direction.

na2ru14275d ago

About the game, im sure it will player very well was well as its look.

But how is this prince a persian when he speaks, looks and behaves like an american junkie lol.

POP Sands of Time hit the spot. Regardless of its basic gameplay, twas a nostalgic experience