CSM: Motorstorm: Pacific Rift review


"For those unfamiliar with MotorStorm, each vehicle includes a boost meter to ramp up your speeds. But if you use your boost for too long, your vehicle explodes. Overall, the racing is exhilarating. Computer-controlled drivers are pretty smart and aggressive. They'll often attempt to bump you off the road or into embankments. When you rush through mud or water, specks will splash onto the screen. Wrecks look explosive. Chunks of metal fly across the screen as vehicles crunch against obstructions. One minor annoyance with Pacific Rift is you're not punished very severely for crashes. This is good for novices, but can feel cheap to the expert player. This proves to be a minor speed bump in the long run, as Pacific Rift presents an invigorating style of off-road racing."

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Isaac4650d ago

I can see your true colors. Amazing, isn't it?