New Super Mario Bros. U on Switch is the perfect complement to Super Mario Odyssey | The Verge

Like many Switch releases before it, New Super Mario Bros. U benefits tremendously from moving to the tablet. Most of its levels are bite-sized, lasting no more than a few minutes, so they’re perfect for a portable device. Meanwhile, the game’s multiplayer, which supports up to four players, is a lot of fun when you’re all gathered around the same television.

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FallenAngel1984679d ago

A port of Super Mario 3D World would be the perfect complementary game moreso

Neonridr679d ago

yeah, that game was great.

blawren4678d ago

No doubt this is coming as well at some point. Regarding this port, my money is on Nintendo paving paving the way for Mario Maker. Hopefully a new game and not just a port, although it would be cool to be able to play exisiting levels too.

FilthyWeeb679d ago

Super Mario Odyssey: A game with wonderful level design, radically different environments that feel unique and have a unique theme to match. A game that feels completely unique.

New Super Mario Bros U: A game with bland, stale level design, worlds that all blend together and feel identical and music that feels so generic. A game that feels like a rehash of the stale "new SMB" formulae that's extremely archaic.

They don't compliment eachother. At all.

blawren4678d ago

That's kind of the point that they are different types of Mario platformers. They shouldn't feel the same.