An Idiot's Guide to Being an Xbox 360 Fanboy

Being a true fanboy doesn't just happen. It takes the right attitude...

"So, you like the Xbox 360. You know everything there is to know about Microsoft's latest and greatest console.

You're a fan. But are you a true internet expert? Are you a fanBOY?

Online, the console wars are raging non-stop. If you don't want to get slaughtered, you need to know how to handle yourself. But worry not: gameplayer's got your back." - from gameplayer

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SlappingOysters4656d ago

And it has an unerving truth to it, even if you can taste the sarcasm.

Chuck Norris4656d ago

Preaching to the choir. Mart and his friends could have done a better list.

Killjoy30004656d ago

This is exactly the kind of thing pp needs to catch up with the times. Maybe one day he'll be as good as Zhuk, his goddess of all things Xbox. But I already see PoG catching up to Zhuk.

Rofflecopter4656d ago

where is PoG anyways? i would have assumed that he would have reported this with all his 30 accounts and then come in here spamming about how that article isnt a mirror image of him. oh well, off to class for me :(

LazyDevs4656d ago

Maybe we should do a guide of sony fanboys with them sitting there drinking tea with their pinky in the air, sitting thinking they are better than everyone else. When actually they are just worse.

Rofflecopter4655d ago

yeah, the fanboys on both sides are freaking rediculous, metacritic is proof of this. just be happy. great games have been coming out for both systems. im currently broke (and will be even more so when gears and resistance come out) thanks to great games on both systems. it sucks, but its so much fun.

prowiew4655d ago

Funny stuff. But they should put a link to n4g to really understand the meaning of fanboyism.

SullyDrake4655d ago

An Idiots Guide to Being an Idiot.

JasonXE4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

can i have 5 mins of my life back? Gameplayer usually comes up with the most idiotic crap.

Mozilla894655d ago

for the inevitable PS3 one. I didn't check up much on the internet last gen but were the flame wars as bad back then as they are now?

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thor4656d ago

I got locked in here for being an Xbox 360 fanboy believe it or not.

I think I said something like "Droids are going to always defend any game for their system no matter what" when obviously KZ2 has some flaws which I pointed out and got disagreed on.

Oh well make the most of it


thor4656d ago

WTF STFU - PS3 OWNS 360 in EVERY WAY - oh are you crying because your 360 RROD'd? Poor XBOT looks like MS made a POS console with no games this year. Gears 1.1 what's that? Same game that came out 2 years ago poor XBOT hyped for a POS game 3 enemies on screen WOW simply amazing 5v5 multi WOW so amazing (that's sarcasm BTW). FAILBLE 2 what a FLOP it looks like the 1st one which came out on XBOX1 FAILBLE 1.1 sounds about right what's that can't play co-op? Glitches & problems poor XBOT looks like your precious live you have to pay for FAILS YET AGAIN. What other games have you got this year? OH NONE THAT'S RIGHT YOU FAIL. NO GAMES TO PLAY NO WONDER YOU SIT HERE TROLLING.

San anto4656d ago

You act as if anyone on this site gives a flyyying fuuck that you are banned from the gamer zone goddaem man seek help and get a life you sad attention seeking baastard.

karlostomy4656d ago


You have it nailed dude!

bubbles for the laffs!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4656d ago

I have all 3 Consoles. I comment on the Gamer Zone. I am Normal. I am better than Everyone. I know everything about Gaming. Just because i have put a Game disc in my 3 Consoles i am a Gaming Expert. I talk like i work for Micro$oft/SONY/Nintendo and i talk like i work for Every Games company in the World. I know everything. People Agree with me and give me Bubbles on N4G. I AM LOVED, I AM GOD!!! ;-D

(ME???Sarcastic???Never!!!) ;-D

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animboo4656d ago

is very very funny..its a humorous way to lighten up the slow news day here in N4G..

animboo4656d ago

ken kutaragi is stupid...wahahaha that's priceless..

SlappingOysters4656d ago

really lost the plot that dude, hey?

thor4656d ago

It's time to face FACTS psTARDS:
Gears 2 OWNS Resistance 1.1 why are you overhyping that piece of $hit game we all know IGN are PS Fanboys that's the highest score it will get
Gears 2 will get mostly 10s some 9s
Gears 2 has the best graphics of any console game EVER and don't come back with KZ2 IT'S NOT OUT and it will suck no variety in environments the first one sucked
Motorstorm2 - FLOP
R2 - Will flop when you see non PS-tard reviews
MGS4 - WAY overhyped 360 has way better games
LBP - for little kids & insults muslims FLOP AND FAIL
Fable 2 - Great AAA title only on Xbox 360
Gears 2 - Great AAAAA title only on Xbox 360
Looks like 2008 is year of the 360 after all
What's that PS3 still outsold by 360 in japan? Looks like PS3 is dead in japan.
LIVE>>>>>>& gt;PSN no cross-game chat poor psTARDS NXE will $HIT on HOME BETA version which is buggy will not release this year AHAHAHAHa

thor4656d ago

What the hell are you talking about thor? Firstly, blindly saying that 360>PS3 is completely subjective. IGN are usually quite unbiased in their reviews and they wouldn't give a game, that is a substantial improvement over the original, a great score if it wasn't at least good.

Gears 2 will be a great game and have great graphics but they won't be over and above everything else by miles. KZ2 will look better and we don't know how exactly it will turn out just yet, but beta impressions are positive.

Motorstorm 2 hasn't flopped it's been getting some good reviews, and averages over 8 which is a great game. It's better than MS1 and I really enjoyed that one.

SOCOM has some issues at the moment but didn't you hear? There's a patch just around the corner to fix some of those and hopefully it can improve over time. The core gameplay is fun.

Don't have a go at LBP for insulting muslims the game was recalled to deal with that issue - and it's not just for little kids.

Home is coming out this year it has been stated on many occasions, and we don't have to pay for it unlike live. PS3 will outsell 360 again when some games like LBP and WKC are released. It's the 360 that's sold under half what the PS3 has in Japan.

Yoma4656d ago

hahaha omg you really got me to laugh at the 360 one :D

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