Ten Things That Make My Blood Boil In Gaming: FPS Edition

There's a lot to be happy with in the gaming industry, but there's also a lot bad. Here's a list of 10 things that makes my blood boil. FPS Edition - Park @CD

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Tetsujin34d ago

Entertaining piece. The Meta discussion can apply to fighting games as well since it seems those who actually take the time to learn new moves/tactics are the ones who get far in tournaments as opposed to "why didn't he do X and Y during the match?"

The Music one is also one I can't stand, especially when someone plays music no one else likes but the listener; then debate "mute me if you don't like it" but complain later because no one can communicate with said person.

Gamist2dot034d ago

For me, it's when the game forces the player to play a certain way that you can't escape/no alternative way to play. I'm looking at you Far Cry 5. No matter where you are or what you do, the screen goes dark and you're captured. Now you have to escape the illusional space. First time I'm ok with it but when you have to repeat that same stupid process over and over??? Hell no!

masterfox34d ago

Judging by the picture of this article one of the annoying thing for me is when parents buy M rated games to little pricks and also let them play online, to mommy's and daddy's please raised your children with education and teach them follow the rules, don't let a game or a touch screen do your job for you don't be freaking lazy for your kids!!

GtPawnSacrifices34d ago

I laughed at your plight. Good article.
For me a further 2 things that weren’t listed:
1) Respawning in a hot zone (BF excluded of course) but like when you have a good K/D & the game offers your corpse up on a platter to the enemy, that’s.. yeah :/
& 2) That same 10yo kid screaming through his mic.

No Way34d ago

I dislike online gaming where people don't get punished, in game, for the lack of teamwork and following objective based orders. And, in Battlefield - medics who won't heal or revive you.