GameStop Sale To Another Company Could Be Announced By Mid-February, Report Says

There are at least two companies who are reportedly interested in buying GameStop.

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ChristianReggieWait4d ago

Aghhh, I love going into a Game shop providing the staff are approachable and knowledgeable. It's a challenge finding bricks and mortar with both qualities, but when you do it's a brilliant experience!

Concertoine4d ago

Every time i go i have to wade through fortnite and minecraft merch just to make it to the games.

maximumburrito4d ago

You mean you have to walk by them, fatty?

madpuppy3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

maximumburrito, Maybe, unlike you, his head is in proper proportion to his body.

Concertoine3d ago


Its a figure of speech, fatty.

rainslacker3d ago

I had about two years at one GameStop near my old house where the staff was amazing. Always friendly, always helpful, and learned what kind of games I liked. They did such a good job, I had no problem getting preorders though them. This was before Amazon Prime discounts.

It was always good going in there, and the manager even knew me well enough over that time to call me up when a rare used game came in that she thought I'd like.

I'd imagine some indie stores may be like that also, but there aren't any close to me anymore, and the ones we did have a while ago all shut down, or didn't really have the selections that I would want for current gen games, and the older gen stuff seemed to be of questionable quality.

GameStop is really the last bastion of dedicated gaming stores for ones that can have the buying power, and title availability. Indie stores can't maintain the same stock. best Buy can be hit or miss on what they carry. Target is about the same as best buy....sans the used games, but good luck finding anyone there that knows anything. That leave wal-mart, which usually has terrible selection of older often out of newer games....takes too long to lower prices....and the staff is non-existent. So, that leaves nothing but the online stores, which is fine and convienant, but not quite the same experience as just going in and browsing for games. I've walked out of GameStop so many times with a stack of 5-10 games, and never regretted it. That's not something that I get from Amazon.

XiNatsuDragnel4d ago

Dang Gamestop you're both good and bad at the same time

S2Killinit3d ago

I dont think they were “bad”, did i get ripped off by selling my used games there? Sure, but i chose to do it, and that was the price of convinience. Gamestop needed the used game program to survive in the amazon era. Now, we possibly wont have gamestop anymore because they couldnt keep afloat which is why they had the used game program in the first place. I for one will miss the experience.

TheEnigma3133d ago

There are a lot of companies trying to survive the amazon era. But gamestop is definitely impacted the most. I would say best buy too.

rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I still believe that when it comes to selling, unless one wants to go through the trouble of Craigslist, or happens to know a person who wants to buy the game, that the end result for what you make from a sale is about equivalent to selling on Ebay, or other such sites. Plus, Ebay can be more problematic if someone decides to rip you off.

I figured it out once using 20 games, ranging from a month old, up to 3 years old, most more popular titles, and the end result for all of them was you made about $12 more selling on Ebay...assuming you charged for shipping, and had power seller status(which I do). GameStop buying price is actually pretty competative overall, and Best Buy and Amazon are usually offering about the same....sometimes less, other times more.

GameStop does charge more for used games which are still within that launch window, but I think most people don't account for the fact they also give the extra 10% to PUR customers, which actually makes the game $10 less than the new copy. $10 less is about what you'd find it for on Ebay. Sometimes you can get a deal though, as some sellers just want the money quick.


While Amazon(and Wal-Mart) have hurt GameStop, the rise of digital gaming cutting into their sales quite significantly is a bigger factor. Couple that with ever decreasing profit margins from the publishers and you get a recipe for not being profitable just selling new games.

Gs certainly has some bad policies, and some of their business tactics with how they treat employees implementing some things is not that great, but I feel that GS tends to get a bad wrap by the consumers, because most of the complaints I see seem to be more about consumers just wanting more, while not recognizing that GS needs to make a lot to keep those doors open, and those same people seem to behave like they have no accountability for their actions.

I respect S2K for saying that him dealing with what he doesn't like about them is by his own hand. That is extremely rare to see in GS criticism.

Personally, I'd like to see GS be able to sustain itself through new games, with used games becoming less a neccessity, and the collectible stuff, being dialed back to stuff that is truly collectable, instead of just high profit margin junk that is about akin to the stuff you buy kids every year for xmas because it's the in thing. GS used to have some decent collectibles, and they always had this side stuff to sell, just now, it's more needed just to stay afloat.

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Sgt_Slaughter4d ago

People should support GameStop's road to redemption, because stores like this are helping keep physical game sales alive and thriving. Yes, they have made some terrible decisions before, but they have a chance to turn it around and correct the wrongs.

monkey6024d ago

Okay forget about the "wrongs" for a minute that's a different debate.
But just for a second think. If a community backs a company in a situation like that, Do you genuinely think said company is going to see that as any way other than "the community must be happy with how we conduct business if they're standing with us so strongly?!"

Realistically there's no way that message can be seen as we stand with you but changes need to be made.

ninerguy16084d ago

I think that's why they are selling. They know people are frustrated. Nothing new. Whoever buys them im sure will conduct differently. Kinda obvious

S2Killinit3d ago

They might not be around anymore. Whoever buys them might sell chocolate frogs for all we know.

monkey6023d ago

I'm fairly certain they sold Harry Potter branded chocolate frogs already at one stage

S2Killinit3d ago

Lol nothing wrong with chocolate covered frogs you muggle.

rainslacker3d ago

Generally a company doing good by the customer, offering them what they want at a fair price, and having a good business model to manage to remain profitable, is enough to keep customers happy.

While I understand the reason people may never visit a place again, sometimes you can be quite surprised how nice it can be after a bad experience if enough time has passed.

The company isn't going to be looking at if people are forgiving them, they're going to be looking at if their current business models are actually making them money. If the good things make them money, they'll keep doing them. If not, they'll find a way to bastardize it into something the consumers don't like. For reference, see EA's take on pretty much everything.

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Atom6664d ago

I just don't care to help them honestly.

But I have faith that the market will take care of itself in the end. I'd be happy with buying physical through online marketplaces, big box stores, and a resurgence in local mom and pop game stores over the Gamestop model. I think that'll be the way things are for another decade at least.

S2Killinit3d ago

I think its actually moving toward bigger corporations owning everything. Last time i saw a mom and pop movie rental i felt like i had walked into the past. It was a weired sensation. Nowadays mom and pop simply cant compete with these big corporations. If gamestop cant compete with the amazons, mom and pops dont stand a chance.

gamer78044d ago

agreed, more options is always better for the consumer. Sure gamestop isn't perfect, but most stores only rise to the level of their individual management.

FilthyWeeb4d ago

Mainstream game stores are keeping physical game sales alive? They're like 65% pop figures and other merch.

SlagWolf4d ago

I support what’s best for me and my wallet. GameStop is one of the last places I go for any thing.

kreate3d ago

I support the current GameStop and their road to redemption.

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