Xbox Two Is Set To Smash Next Gen PlayStation

KeenGamer: "Regardless of where your console allegiances may lie, several nuggets have been cooking over at Microsoft that tell me a few things. These little clues, reported separately and individually over the course of 2018, tell me that Phil Spencer and Xbox are not taking their overwhelming defeat this generation lightly. Instead, they are lying patiently in wait for their next moment to shine."

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S2Killinit821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

This MS money spent to stay relevant after the abysmal performance of xbox this gen. It would have been better spent on games. Im sure MS will come out with thunder out the door at the start of next gen though, like they do every generation, but then they fizzles out to a sprinkle for the second half of the generation.

Kingthrash360821d ago

How will the next gen xbox Beat the next gen playstation when the next gen xbox will have less incentive to buy than this gen xbox which couldn't hold a candle to this gen playstation?

Sevir821d ago

I don't think they'll fizzle they're up to what 20 studios now, they'll be more competitive next Gen... And Sony will once again set the cadance and move to their own music. I can't wait for January 2020, Sony's PS5 will be revealed and they'll will likely cash in for a Fall 2020 release

bouzebbal821d ago

Haha they said the dance when X1 was coming out, same with x1x.. Not saying that is not happening but if they still don't have exclusives it will be this gen all over again.

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sammarshall102822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

There's one thing that's guaranteed with PS5 and that's highly rated exclusives

ninerguy1608821d ago

Truth. You will be stoned for speaking this truth.

imtiyaz6821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

Did BizarroUtraman just steal my joke?

badz149821d ago


LOL I thought you guys agreed that PSNow sucks and streaming sucks? and whatever happened to playing the best version of games like the X version this gen over the Pro? because the PSNow version definitely won't be the best because it's streamed and streaming sucks, right??

due to PS Now, suddenly the PS5 is going to be unneeded next gen ha? I am glad you admitted that the Xbone and the X are not needed this gen or ever again because of Gamepass. what took you so long?

Razzer821d ago

"Yeah I'll be playing those highly rated games on 65" OLED with PSNow app. next gen. You won't need a PS5 ahahaha..just wait."

No, you won't. PS Now isn't offered on TVs anymore. Just PC and PS4.

bluefox755821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

@bizarro Oof. At least you tried.

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ApocalypseShadow822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

Seriously. You can't make this trash up. It's like playing wack a mole. The checks are being sent at a regular pace now. That will ramp up even more during the year going to E3. Government shutdown workers should apply for blogging with all these checks being cashed.

"But I'm a PC gamer that has a Playstation." Surely this will give his article clout and credibility. Right? Right?

Surely being less popular worldwide will allow Xbox to trump Playstation right?

Surely saving near bankrupt companies will be a match against Sony's 1st party developers.

Surely being cheaper than Playstation will do the ticket when even PS3, at a higher price, was outselling Xbox 360 worldwide.

Surely tossing all your 1st party games onto a streaming service at launch for a cheap price will help those games sell to make more games or sequels from the profits.

Surely not taking into account that Sony's PS Now currently owns over half the streaming market but completely gets ignored. Even without putting 1st party games on it at launch.

Surely crap articles like this old one
Show that Microsoft will dominate even in VR. Even if they didn't make ANY VR games, have executives that talk down VR's relevance and who's MR headsets have sold a mere blip compared to PSVR, Oculus and Vive.

You can't make this sh#+ up. It only gives you a "keen" eye and a "keen" nose to smell and see the bulls#!+ from a mile away. Even from

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ninerguy1608821d ago

Stop with the truth. Xbox fans will say you're crazy. Wait nevermind. Already started. I have a pro and S. I play both. A lot. But xbox does really need to make some compelling games next gen. Just to look like they are trying at least.

sinspirit821d ago


Desperate damage control 101: - Derail the topic when you have no argument, and try to upset the person in hopes that they will be distracted from the prior conversation in which you lose.

Donnie81821d ago

Hey can I borrow your tin foil hat? I just saw a Sasquatch

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Unspoken820d ago

Please don't put PSVR next to Oculus and Vive. It's trash hardware.

Lets keep moving the goal posts. Microsoft isn't going anywhere. Let's let Sony become complacent like they did with the PS3, letting a fledgingling console maker best them their second gen in vs a company that had global mindshare. No, that could never happen.

sinspirit820d ago


PSVR is actually really good. But, the controllers definitely need an upgrade. I think even the Vive controllers need an upgrade. The Oculus controllers are near perfect for the current market. The touch capacitive buttons are fun for social interactions, the analogs make a big difference in control input, and analogs for movement is far better than the annoying aim and teleport method that many games use, or leaning one controller the direction you want to move.

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notachance821d ago

just the usual daily Xbox stealth campaign, nothing unusual.

rainslacker821d ago

This worked last gen when MS actually had something more tangible for the market which hadn't decided on that gens system purchase yet. These articles seem to either be extremely wishful thinking, or a preemptive attempt to build a narrative that Sony is somehow going to fail the next gen, or MS is somehow going to be better than what Sony did this gen.

Sony doesn't have to change its approach. MS has to not only change it's approach, but actually deliver on a better way of engaging the customer in a meaningful way. Once they start doing that, then maybe they can start to gain ground. But they can't do that until they deliver, and these articles are a desperate attempt to try and make people believe that MS has been doing great for a while now, completely marginalizing the things that have people not that keen on XBox this gen, all while ignoring why Sony is doing so well, and why they're likely to continue doing well going into next gen.

Jin_Sakai821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

“Xbox Two Is Set To Smash Next Gen PlayStation“

How many times we heard similar claims?

Most if not all the studios Microsoft purchased will never be able to compete with Sony worldwide studios.

Xbox One X didn’t put a dent in PlayStation regardless of being more powerful.

In the end PlayStation has the best games.

Evolve821d ago

LOL. Both Xbox one S & Xbox one X did not stop Sony's PlayStation 4 from being number 1. Games matters!

NarutoFox821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

Sounds like to me their basing this on Microsoft game pass and the cloud technology only

bmf7364820d ago

The Xbox 360 was shown to just be an oddity with Playstation's dominance in the market because of the PS3's bad launch PR and price. They made up for it wuth a better marketing campaign and some of the best exclusives of that generation.

Muzikguy820d ago

These articles just keep on coming. Reminiscent of the articles prior Xbox One talking about clouds and DX12. I don't see any difference between then and now

BeOpenMinded820d ago

The difference is that cloud tech is certainly more tangible. Multiple studios creating games and better value. Certainly not as ambiguous as the beginning of this current gen. Show and prove time but the speculation is more grounded.

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Vaud-Villian820d ago

This lost me at “Xbox 2”

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neutralgamer1992821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

these articles are just paid PR and nothing more. The only reason xbox360 even had success was because it came a year before ps3 and had major RROD issues(meaning early on when ms refused to admit that was an issue many had to buy more than one xbox360)

only thing ms can hope for is stay within a respectable distance to ps5 because i just don't think the next xbox will outsell ps5. Staying respectable means being able to show your sales data and not be so embarrassed to show it that you have to change goal posts. 92 million consoles sold and almost 10 games per console sold if that's not data showing you need games to succeed i don't know what can

sinspirit821d ago

It reminds me of when MS paid any Youtuber $3 per thousand video views to upload a video showing the XBox console positively, and had an agreement where this deal was to be private despite Youtube requiring to notify if it is a paid advertisement. So, they tried to do some shady media manipulation here, which was never an unusual tactic for MS anyways.

Profchaos821d ago

Dude I had 6 360s with two new ones lasting only 1 day. Thankfully I only had to actually buy it twice it was always a warranty return

Sono421820d ago

People said this same nonsense about this current gen and look how that turned out?

aconnellan820d ago

Yeah I’m sure that MS is desperate enough to pay for the incredibly wide reach of /a

I don’t think Xbox can touch PlayStation at the moment, so at this stage next gen looks like another good one for PS - but just because some people believe the other way or want to have a discussion about it doesn’t mean they’ve been paid to

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Steveoreno1820d ago

Yeah these articles are now going in to the cringe category

Godmars290821d ago

Supercalifragilisticexpialidoc ious unlikely.

sammarshall102822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

This is exactly what won't happen. PlayStation is video games in a lot of places around the world

starchild821d ago

You're implying that people mostly just buy consoles based on blind brand loyalty.

I have more faith in most of my fellow human beings. I know a few people are that shallow and irrational, but I believe that most people buy what's best for them.

I personally have no brand loyalty. I'll buy whichever console or consoles have the qualities I'm looking for.

sammarshall102821d ago

That brand loyalty has been earned though because Playstation has given us good games since their inception

We know what we're getting with the PS5

Teflon02821d ago

Xbox ones been almost as bad as X360's second half of it's life. The first party games were getting low, almost as slow as Vita's first party titles. Which I can barely think up atm apart from Gravity Rush that one RPG that was a sequel and Freedom Wars, well and both Soul Sacrifices lol. I could be forgetting a few though

The Wood821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

Well I look at form not just the pretty dress. Can she cook. Can we take care of each others needs. Can she nurture children. Does she take care of her parents. What was she like before you met her. . . . . . .

Brand loyalty doesn't have to be blind. You cannot question peoples loyalty to the brand that has given the most or close to. Last gens missteps has hurt the Xbox brand big time. You'd be blind to support them over Sony in my honest opinion. Continue to enjoy your consoles but I feel Sony deserve more praise yet n4g has been littered with puff piece after puff piece for the participating underachieving manufacturer with the biggest finances. Again. . .Enjoy your console but these guys are not equal.

rainslacker821d ago

Brand loyalty is built by providing the customer with what they want on a regular basis.

In no way, can MS be said to have done that this gen outside the die hard Xbox fan boys. I'm sure there are those who don't frequent forums who are fine with what MS is bringing, but I doubt broader library choices are their primary concern, and they're more likely the COD, Madden, or FIFA players, who are more ubiquitous on PS this gen anyhow.

You call it blind loyalty, I call it faith that Sony will deliver. They have for four gens now, and I don't expect it to change next gen based on what's going on with Sony now doubling down on games pretty much all gen.

Sony has had it's rough spots in terms of games over the years, but there was never any doubt they'd actually make and deliver some great experiences, and get plenty of 3rd party support which you wouldn't see anywhere else....although PC and Switch are mixing that up some now.

MS, OTOH, has a history of abandonment of the core gamer on their systems. Three gens in a row...although I understand that their hands were tied with the OGXbox.

Elda821d ago

There's nothing wrong with brand loyalty especially when every gen that brand always keeps you entertained with fun & interesting experiences that other brands just don't have.In most cases "Loyalty" is usually earned.

UCForce821d ago

And you are basically trying to destroy the competition. Are you seriously with that BS ? Exclusive game give console identity. Loyalty customer want to have best entertainment experience from regular basic. That’s why PS4 is winning.

Profchaos821d ago

If people were brand loyal then Xbox would have won last gen they had the lion's share in the 360 market then the ps4 came out and stole the xboxs thunder

derek821d ago

Go on any message board and it is clear people have brand loyalty. The fact that xbox still has any fans after the DRM fiasco and their pathetic output this entire generation when compared to the competition proves it. Yet here they are like the authors of these articles and xbox defenders on this very website shows just how loyal people can be. I for one will never buy a Microsoft console there is just no reason to. Playstation has been too good for so long to justify a switch. And owning more than one console is unfeasible for me and probably most people there is only so much time in the day.

ILostMyMind821d ago

So you will buy a PlayStation. We already know that.

obidanshinobi821d ago

In many countries though you can get a PS4 but not an Xbox One. Playstation is available in more countries.
Outside of North America, Brazil, Western Europe and maybe Australia no one gives three shits about Xbox.
Xbox will never outsell Playstation as it's simply not as well known brand as PS is around the world.

OffRoadKing820d ago

The most important quality in a console is one that has genre defining, top rated, GOTY level exclusives, that's why I got a PS4 and why I imagine so many others did as well.

starchild820d ago

Write a reasonable comment on N4G and get downvoted like crazy... so what's new? It's not surprising when the majority of fanboys that visit this site are in fact unreasonable. And it's also not surprising to see the particular users who responded to me were the ones to defend brand loyalty.

I still maintain that brand loyalty is dumb. It's a tribalistic, primitive behavioral remnant left over in some humans, but it is in fact irrational and is often to the detriment of those who hold it.

@The Wood
"Brand loyalty doesn't have to be blind."

Actually, it was a mistake on my part to say "blind brand loyalty" because that's needlessly redundant. Brand loyalty is always blind. It's ignoring which product in fact best meets your needs and instead buying a product blindly simply because it comes from a brand you've owned before. If you're buying a console because it offers what you're looking for, I'm sorry, but that's not brand loyalty, that's simply buying what product has the qualities you're looking for at the time you are ready to buy.

Oh, and I don't own any Xbox. Nor any Nintendo platform. I barely found enough reason to own a PS4 for that matter because I already have more games to play on PC than I'll ever have time for. The PC meets my needs best, but that doesn't mean that I hate other platforms or that I don't recognize that other platforms have qualities that make them a better fit for other people. I simply try to stand up for what's fair and rational, which unfortunately often seems at odds with the beliefs of a segment of this community.

I think it would benefit some of you to read the following article I'm linking. Perhaps it will make you reconsider some of your beliefs.

Brand Loyalty is For Suckers
"Every year, when a new tech product is announced, the world divides into two kinds of people: people who line up to buy the New Shiny Thing, and people who rant about how New Shiny Thing sucks. Both of those groups of people are chumps. Loyalty to a brand—whether it’s love or hatred—is a poison that makes you stupid."

KickSpinFilter820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

I was 100 percent going to switch to XBox or at least be a 2 console owner this gen, but it didn't happen.
I was Sooo excited for Quantum Break, that turned out just kind OK, along with Crackdown 3 that sill has not happened, and Inside that ended up coming to PS4 a month later, along with price. So glad I didn't so many PS4 exclusives this gen I have purchased and have blown my mind with so many still to come. While MS seem to be placing all their cards right for next gen, pretty sure I'm PS5 day one, as long as BC is in place with PS4. If not I'll wait and see. Unless TLOU2 is a PS5 launch title then all bets are off... I'M IN!!!!

Goldby820d ago

with the age of digital libraries becoming more popular, that loyalty will ensure they can use their library for years to come.

if anything, with the rate sony is going, it will be even harder for Ms to convince users to switch/switch back

BeOpenMinded820d ago

Agreed. I favored Xbox simply due to the multiplayer focus and early access. Elite, ark and astroneer we're certainly sweet for years before available on other consoles. Worth it to me to be on xbox before buying a hand me down PS when nothing was available. The fanboy wars are so immature, let people like what they prefer. I haven't finished a SP game in ages. Ready for the serious downvoting

MoonConquistador820d ago

@starchild - you're getting brand loyalty and stupid fanboyism mixed up. You come on preaching about how rational you are compared to others but it's not evident from this discussion or the half assed article you linked to (which even itself is getting brand loyalty and fanboyism mixed up as it tails off).

The Wood820d ago


Cheers. I'll give that a read .

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RangerWalk267820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

And Apple is smart phones. But...look how far behind apple actually is in innovation. It's crazy. They are just ridding the wave of the brand loyal customer. I just bought a Note 9. Not because I love Samsung or Hate Apple. I just wanted to have what I consider to be the best, most value , piece of hardware. That being said, I own a Pro. But it's my secondary console. Only fired up when I'm playing a game that isn't available anywhere else.
Games on Pro - 36
Games on X - 433
Games on switch - 12

claudionmc815d ago

good for you... that doesn't change the fact that PS4 is selling 3 times as many consoles as X1, and it already won this gen's console war just as PS2 won over Xbox and PS3 won over Xbox 360. The trend is a fact, the statistics too.