How Hype Can Kill Your Interest In Video Games

Ule from NoobFeed writes - Hype culture has actually driven a lot of people to do disturbing things for rather meaningless causes. It’s certainly something incredibly mind-boggling, to say the least.

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william_cade37d ago

Jim Sterling, YonYea and Laymen Gaming are the closest to "game journalists" as their quality is way above the standard and they don't hate gamers (here's looking at you: KOTAKU and POLY and etc.) Yet, they still aren't journalists as they receive gifts (not sure if Jim still does lol), even though they are transparent about this, it's still getting kick backs from the entities in which they report.

This is troubling not because it is happening, but because the public is accepting this as journalism, when it's actually transparent entertainment when the best of them (Jim Sterling, YongYea and Laymen Gaming) are uploading and slimy paid content when Kotaku and the like are uploading.

Smokehouse37d ago

It’s a double edged sword and the only way you can learn to manage your hype is to get burned a few times. Hype is a major part of video game culture and it’s fine as it is. You live and learn through self management. If you have been burned a few times and are still blaming others then you are an idiot.