Is Final Fantasy VII the Best Game in the Series? Damn Right it is, and Here's Why

Great characters, deep and rich story, amazing mechanics, and memorable music… these are more prevalent in Final Fantasy VII than any other game in the series.

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antikbaka35d ago

personally i find the first one the best... with the time loop twist it was just beautiful

Dabigsiebowski35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Ffvii is a great game. Let's hope square enix doesn't make cloud an emo weeb. If they do then it will be a sad day for innovation and character development

sssb35d ago

Story, characters, world, side activities, summons (my best summons in whole series) everything is done well in FFVII which is make it legendary RPG.
I really hope from deep of my heart SE don't fucked up in REMAKE.

Fist4achin35d ago

It was great, but I liked FFX better. I know Tidus was an annoying whiny lead character, but the game formula was so easy and fun to work with.

Bring on the disagrees!

Tiredofthisshill35d ago

Nah, no disagree or agree here. X was awesome and had some things better than VII.
VII was a better story and theme
X was a better battle system

Fist4achin35d ago

I did enjoy the cross dimensional story of X as well. I thought it played well.

VII overall had a great come together and save the world story.

shinoff218335d ago

FFx is also one of my favorites, my only knock on it is its pretty linear. It doesnt have the open feel as some of the others. FF7 and 9 are my favorites.

rainslacker34d ago

I personally like VIII the best, followed by IX. X was really good because of the dynamics between the characters and the themes of the story, but VIII just hit it home for least after you get past the initial Seed testing beginning section.

Lighter935d ago

Tactics. Well, Tactics Advance and A2 are my favorites.

PhoenixUp35d ago

Final Fantasy IX says hi

Even the series creator called it his favorite

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