Analysis: On the Death of Next-Gen in Japan

Wired: "This year's Tokyo Game Show was defined not only by what was on the expo floor as what was conspicuous by its near-absence: High-definition, next-generation videogames.

Oh, sure, there were some. Microsoft's booth was full of them. Sony's had a few. But PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 software only accounted for about 10% of the games on show at TGS 2008. And most of these were games that we'd been hearing about forever and ever, games that Japan's publishers were just trying to get out the door already: Resident Evil 5. The Last Remnant. Final Fantasy XIII (a video of it, anyway).

And of course there were plenty of American games, games that wouldn't have been released in Japan but for the sheer lack of content on the Xbox 360 shelves there -- Fallout 3, Fable II, Tom Clancy's Everything."

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Danja4653d ago

Sure which is why PS3 has the most wanted game in Japan.

lloyd_wonder4653d ago (Edited 4653d ago )

Japan is a lost cause this generation. They are going to have to wake up and realize that Japanese developers are not the only developers.

This industry is ruled by the West, now. What I find interesting, is that as soon as Sony lost its strong influence in the industry,(look at the PS1 and PS2 generation) Japanese developers are having a hard time breaking into this FPS centric industry- heralded by Microsoft and their western approach.

It boggles my mind as to why these Japanese developers and publishers don't realize this and start helping the PS3 out. Point is, that Japan needs a strong Japanese company like Sony to succeed, inorder to be relevant WW.