Aging Gamer: Console Durability

Your Aging Gamer is back with another tale from a time long past. This time we're talking about console durability and how at one time you could treat you systems like crap and they would still survive.

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shaggy230336d ago

Two reasons why modern consoles are fragile whilw classic systems just keep on running and running.

1: No moving parts
2: Heat

Modern console all have a huge amount of moving parts, weather its the disc drive, the hard drive or the fan bearings, they all have moving parts. Classic console ran of cartridges, means no moving parts. Yes the cartridge slot has a moving part, but if that breaks its not the end of the console.

Modern consoles also have to be kept cool, that was the Xbox 360's main fault, not enough cooling for the GPU. classic consoles sometimes didn't even use heat sinks because the heat problem just didn't exist.

MajorLazer36d ago

This gen has been wonderful though. I honestly have not had a single issue and don't forget scratched discs are ancient history now, no more having to worry if the damn thing even works anymore

shaggy230336d ago

I wouldn't say this gen has been perfect. All of the consoles have had niggles, from bluray drives to screen scratching. But it's certainly better than the previous generation, the 360 and PS3 really did have problems.