Xbox gamers "better" than PS4 and PC according to LG's completely scientific new research

PC and PS4 gamers ain't got nothing on Xbox owners according to new research by LG which has "settled the debate of who really are the better gamers".

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ClayRules2012784d ago

Exactly! 100 agree.

I loved when I was a kid and my friends and I just “Gamed” in groups or solo at our homes and we’d later share our experiences with one another when we saw each other next. It didn’t matter if I had Sega or Carter had Nintendo or If Jenna had PlayStation. It was about having fun & loving the games we played and sharing that together.

Competition is good, and I wish Microsoft was real competition for Sony. Maybe next gen, but I really do genuinely hope Microsoft does their fans better with the next Xbox and that their studios are given real freedom to let creative juices flow (as Sony has with their incredibly talented studios) and possibly create some great new iPs that offer Xbox gamers some unforgettable & amazing experiences.

We shall see. Game on everyone.

Gaming101784d ago

Back in the days of PS1 and N64, Sega and SNES, it was just as heated as now. We were all children arguing like children the same way we are now.

Additionally, Sony may be dominating like crazy this generation but don't think Msoft isn't "real competition" as you put it. That's just ridiculous. Msoft is still good enough to make Sony invest in exclusives like God of War, Spiderman etc. It isn't exactly a monopoly right now.

aconnellan784d ago

“Be a gamer not a fanboy!”

“Exactly! 100 agree... Competition is good, and I wish Microsoft was real competition for Sony“

I see your sentiment but I think you missed the point

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ClayRules2012784d ago (Edited 784d ago )


I do agree, it was just as heated than as it is now. I was just referring to my friends and myself, we personally didn’t argue amongst ourselves saying my console is better than yours & so on. I do remember kids in the neighborhood arguing over that kinda’ve stuff, but my group of friends didn’t do that.

And I guess I should’ve went into more detail. I didn’t mean that Microsoft literally weren’t competition at all for Sony right now. Bad choice of words. I just meant that Sony has dominated this console generation with so many different types of exclusive games that have done absolutely amazing, and that what Microsoft has released on Xbox hasn’t been as successful or up to a similar quality.

It happens. Agrees and disagrees aren’t something I’m personally concerned with. People can disagree with me all they want, I’m fine with that. I just hope that when they reply they can be respectful about it & not get all foul mouthed and so on. No need for that.

darthv72784d ago

Okay... did you happen to read the article?

“The reaction times of console versus PC gamers has been a point of conversation for years, so we decided to put them to the test."

it was about reaction times and it seems PC scored worse than PS players who were just slightly less than XB players. It was nothing about who is a fanboy or gamer or anything of the sort.

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DaveZero784d ago

be a gamer not an idiot!!!

The online competition on xbox has been well and truly noted many a time, it's where the hard-core play.

Put a bunch of rainbow siege players on xbox one against pc and PlayStation, I bet the Xbox players is having them.

I would say that the only things pc would have console plays at a disadvantage would be multi pallets games ie WOW, league of legends and so on and one other thing which long distance shooting because they can easily click more, it's proof though that accuracy is lower than console.

My pc friend couldn't play on his Xbox shooters, got an Xbox just to play against me on battlefield, couldnt win me. It also stands to note that these days may a gamer on pc will use controllers now where ever possible.

Sony's online competition is no where near that standard as what Xbox is, there infrastructure is designed heavily at finding the best competitiveness in games.

But it's ok me saying this, I think with all the technology and no how now we should actually get console wars kicked off in real life instead of this silly forum bashing that takes place. Let it all be proven on Esports every year a big event that puts pc, Xbox and Sony against each other properly on games.

FunAndGun784d ago

be a gamer not an idiot!!!

GottaBjimmyb784d ago

I mean, Anyone who has ever owned the same competitive online game on ps3/360 or ps4/xb1 knows PS player on average are not as good. I own many games on both to play with different friends, and with the only exception ever (fortnite) ai absolutely destroy on PS platforms. But it is just anecdotal, so maybe it is just coincidence.

Zenbaby369783d ago

Have you watched pc players in competitive play R6 compared to xbox? I'm not kidding, do yourself a favor. The pc players would run circles. Now on average or more xbox players at a higher level per their console? Probably

Michiel1989783d ago

You obviously never seen a korean SC2 teamhouse, u dont know hardcore untill u seen that. I cant even understand half of what you are saying, so because your friend bought an xbox to play against you that means ps gamers are less hardcore?

OT: Dont think any console is the 'most hardcore'. Every console has a shitload of casuals and hardcore players and everything thats in between. It's not even measurable, so no point in making stupid articles like this.

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NotoriousWhiz784d ago

Seems like an off topic comment. Xbox used to be the console of choice for competitive games. I don't play many Xbox one games, so it's probably changed by now, but I know I had tougher opponents generally when playing online on the 360 vs the same games on the PS3.

S2Killinit784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

Nope. There is a simple reason for this “study”. With almost 3 to 1 install base, there will be a larger variety of gamer on Playstation. Meaning for example, you will have more chances that a casual gamer will be elected. While on the xbox side there is a higher chance that a veteran gamer will be picked because you have to be either an xbox fan or a multi-console owner to still buy an xbox at this point. So the results dont really say anthing except that Playstation has a larger demographic of gamers. Thats all.

JLynn943784d ago

@S2Killinit That's not exactly how that works. The only reason you'd be more likely to randomly select a casual gamer in the population of online PS4 players is because there's a greater proportion (not raw number) of casual players in the total population of online PS4 players. In that case (i.e. PS4 having a higher percentage of casual players online than XBox does), you could make the argument that XBox has higher skilled players, but it wouldn't really be a strong argument based on that alone. PS4 could theoretically have a small group of outrageously skilled players that skew the overall skill level towards PS4, or PS4 could have only a small group of moderately-skilled players but a large group of highly-skilled players that could make an XBox group less skilled overall.

Without knowing more than just percentages of skill levels, and definitely more than just raw numbers of low-skill players, you can't really make a strong argument in this case.

SwampthingsSon784d ago

You can’t say that on n4g. Everyone here is a Sony prick. And PS4 is my console of choice... I just don’t act like them tho.

starchild783d ago (Edited 783d ago )

Good thing. The only consoles I own in addition to my PC are the PS3 and PS4, but a lot of the PS4 fanboys that congregate here are embarrassingly hypocritical, illogical and unfair. They are far too extreme and one-sided in their thinking. They seem incapable of recognizing anything good about other platforms. A platform is either amazing and nearly perfect (that would be the PS4 in their minds) or it's complete and utter sh*t and shouldn't even exist (everything that doesn't have a Sony logo).

Neutral gamers and owners of other platforms come here and they are always shocked at how rabid and unrelenting these Sony fanboys are. I've seen it time and time again. But no matter how many times people bring up their ridiculous behavior they have only gotten worse and worse over the years. There's no middle ground with these guys.

_LarZen_784d ago

He wrote on N4G that’s is known for its fanboys in the commenting sections.

Christopher784d ago

Proud to say I bring down the average on every platform! Woo! Old farts with bad reaction time!

783d ago
Gunstar75783d ago Show
TheGamez100783d ago

Ugh...this statement needs to be true to all of us. I game on all consoles and even pc. Games need to be whats important.

alb1899783d ago

Telling people to no be a fanboy on this page and have so many agrees is something very ironic

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StormSnooper784d ago

Lol a study by a competitor of Sony in the television business.

Godmars290784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

Its more the title. Worded as if to say "Xbox: Doesn't have the best games, just the best gamers/fans". Literally just fan BS to thumb up at other fans. Open click-bait bias from a regular news site no less.

Are we really that bad?

danny818784d ago

*Sonys failing Television business

KillZallthebeast784d ago

Sony actually makes good tvs they just typically price them too high to appeal to a larger audience

S2Killinit784d ago

Sony has the highest rated TV on the market at 93, on consumer report. So dont talk when you dont know the facts. Thanks.

Hyperstrada784d ago

they also work together in the tv business. Sony buys it's oled displays from LG

S2Killinit784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

Yes they do. That is correct.

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784d ago
ApocalypseShadow784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

Scientific research...from a small pool of gamers that don't represent all pc and console gamers.

And this is why LG doesn't build rockets.
Nope. Not on the list. Their science is not up to snuff.

Next thing they'll say is that Xbox gamers watch TV better. Or pay for services better.

Purrfection784d ago ShowReplies(6)
Obscure_Observer784d ago

It´s not uncommon to see some people on internet stating that Xbox gamers only play shooters and fps. Yet, they are somehow shocked and annoyed by those results? Go figure. :/

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DaveZero784d ago

Xbox gamers live fps, racing games and certain online genres, it stands to reason that they are the premiere in the online community.

Till pc and Sony can bring different proof, then I'm sorry but I'd even say that Sony players are better at there single players games while pc are better at mmorpg's, RTS games, it's all logical..

Razzer784d ago (Edited 784d ago ) is a point and click test.

P_Bomb784d ago

This wasn’t a test on how ppl play FPS tho, it’s a green to red eye exam. My mom could pass that. Doesn’t mean she can chicken dinner Fortnite or aggro parry a Street Fighter fireball.

Hand-eye responsiveness over an avatar and juggling all the typical AP/HP/MP/DP/CC/XP nuances under fire, isn’t the same as whack a mole.

StormSnooper784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

Except it’s very obvious why these results are meaningless. There is a larger player base on PlayStation. So out of 10 people selected there is bound to be some casuals. The smaller sample size to choose from on Xbox means you are more likely to pick a gamer. In other words it’s a meaningless test for gullible people.


rainslacker784d ago

I'd imagine on all platforms you could find both good and bad players. The metrics for determining who is best is subjective to say the least. Any attempt to actually determine who's the best is idiotic and pointless, because of a small sample pool, and a wide disparity in install base which gives more variance to the larger base.

I generally suck at mp games because I don't play them, or the genres that dominate the market. Doesnt mean I'm not as good at other games as others, and I'm fine if there are those better than me, regardless of platform.

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Zeref784d ago

Im sure if this was saying PS4 gamers, you would be taking it as gospel

DaveZero784d ago

Guarenteed 1million % if it was Sony stating it or a Sony site then there would be an upsurge in upvoters from the sony bunch.

Teflon02784d ago

Zeref, aren't you suppose to be busy trying to get yourself killed off, tickling Mavis' feet or something lol. You're causing enough problems already, be good for once lol

trooper_783d ago

It's a stupid topic for EITHER CONSOLE.

Kindly step back down to reality please.

RememberThe357783d ago (Edited 783d ago )

It's obviously stupid but even I have to agree if this was PS gamers being touted these guys would be singing this study's praises. I have never noticed a difference. Used to play Battlefield 4 on both Xbox and PS and I never noticed a skill gap.

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DuckOnQuack35784d ago

The only part about this that is surprising is the PC part. Mostly because it's kinda hard to compare the 2 but it's been shown plenty of times that the best players are on Xbox and not PS4. Get mad all you want but it's true.

StormSnooper784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

It’s only because the smaller base on Xbox makes it more likely that a selected representative is a gamer and not a casual. There could be a higher number of hardcore gamers on PlayStation but if the sample group includes casuals, then you will get a lower average score. Math is power.

rainslacker784d ago

Shown plenty of times where?

Teflon02784d ago

casuals are less likely to buy an xbox than play games on pc or have a ps4. So I'm actually not shocked in the slightest. Most xbox gamers right now are gamers who either have a reason to say on xbox or brand loyalty. PS players consistent of alot of casuals who play games, but just for fun. Alot of pros play on it as well, but it's balanced by the console popularity. PC gaming consists of abunch of League players, WoW, etc. Online games where you just need to play attention and think ahead. Not really reaction based things. Games like CoD etc were mainly played on Xbox until this gen so the serious players were likely learning fast reactions on Xbox last gen and stuck with the console for this one.

Kados784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

Just did their test (PC gamer) and scored 80% speed, 84% accuracy, 18 green (58%) on the first try. I consider myself to be of average skill.

The test is also not real world. I remember a study being done years ago that was a real world in-game test between Xbox 360 and PC gamers. They had "average" skill PC gamers, pitted against several league pro 360 players. The PC players won every match.

trooper_783d ago

It's hilarious. Can't beat Sony in games so brag about the *best* gamers. At this point, this deserves an eye roll.

conanlifts783d ago

1400 is a decent sample size. As for them not building rockets, the vast majority of scientific research worldwide has absolutely nothing to do with rockets.
As for the study itself, It is a reaction test, so doesn't really confirm who the better gamers are, just who can click on a target faster. But for what it is the sample size and study is decent.

alb1899783d ago

Please don't cry for this, it isn't something to worrie about.

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Rimeskeem784d ago

The test was solely reactionary based. PC gamers dont all play reaction based games and same with PS4 players who play lots of story based games. Such a stupid article.

Obscure_Observer784d ago


"The test was solely reactionary based."

It´s a reaction and accuracy test by LG sponsored by Activision/Call of Duty! I don´t think you were calm enough to check it out.

Rimeskeem784d ago

Sponsored by activision = CoD players

Get some CSGO players and see what happens

Obscure_Observer784d ago


"Get some CSGO players and see what happens"

I´m not game on PC anymore. Just a console gamer now (PS4 and Xbox One X). That said, i´m still a hardcore/competitive player and i welcome your challenge!

Anytime, buddy. ;)

Razzer784d ago

@Kribwalker took this "test" on your phone?

Kribwalker784d ago


it’s a reaction speed test. Why not? My PC is only used for my business. I don’t turn it on otherwise

Razzer784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

So how good a gamer is can be determined by playing whack-a-mole on a smart it.

rainslacker784d ago

I have a high reaction time. Doesnt mean I can aim quickly and accurately, or press in a button sequence with precision regularly. Give me a mouse, and my reaction time will probably be top of the pack. Put me on a controller, and I tend to be a button masher.

Some people are good at that kind of stuff, others aren't, and both types exist on all consoles.

TheOptimist783d ago

It was more of an advertisement for both LG and Actvision

Zenbaby369783d ago

How about we take the top 100 of any multiplatform fps on each system and then do the test. Otherwise this is only insinuating that one console has a larger percentage of casuals or players that don't actually play shooters.

Kribwalker783d ago

at what point did i even suggest that this thing is accurate? I know how “scientific” this is, which is not really at all. I just showed what I got in response to Obscure posting his results. You need to not assume and put words in people’s mouths.....

Razzer783d ago (Edited 783d ago )


When did I say you said anything? I didn't. I asked you a question and made my own judgement on it. I never said you said a damn thing.

Only one putting words in other's mouths is you.

Kribwalker783d ago (Edited 783d ago )


“So how good a gamer is can be determined by playing whack-a-mole on a smart it.”

“When did I say you said anything? I didn't. I asked you a question and made my own judgement on it. I never said you said a damn thing. ”

Your comment was a statement not a question.

Razzer783d ago (Edited 783d ago )


" took this "test" on your phone?"

That was the question.

"So how good a gamer is can be determined by playing whack-a-mole on a smart it."

That was MY statement.

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DaveZero784d ago

Why is it a stupid article a test was proven positive that Xbox gamers have better reaction times.

If it was proven sony were the best at it though I'm sure the test would of came from God himself and Sony players where deserved of it.

You lot would get beat in an online environment, why?? because you play your single player games is that so hard to see the truth in, your not as competative as Xbox gamers..

dumahim784d ago

I haven't read the article, but the headline says Xbox players are better gamers, while comments are saying they have better reaction times. There's more to being a better gamer than just reaction times.

Razzer784d ago

"proven positive that Xbox gamers have better reaction times"

lol.....only thing "proven positive" is that you are highly gullible.

imtiyaz6783d ago

It’s true Xbox gamers are probably better at games where the player who is the quickest to point the cursor at the target wins. Congrats. That’s all you guys play anyways. PS gamers will destroy you lot in every other genre especially in the fgc, where you actually need real skills.