Retro Bit Launching Sega Genesis Portable System

Carl Williams writes, "Retro gaming fans have been getting more new tech at a fairly decent clip these last few years. While the game selection has not exactly been all that varied, mostly the mainstays of classic gaming depending on generation, it is interesting to see so much money flowing into giving fans another option to play choice classic games. Retro Bit is one such company that threw their hat in the ring with a home option a while back (their Retro Bit Generations console), now they are throwing their hat in the portable ring with their Genesis Portable System. Or as most Sega fans know it, Sega Nomad."

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mastaleep3d ago

Interesting, will keep an eye on this thanks

awdevoftw2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Good. Get it away from at games. I still have my nomad, but will jump on this.

Segata2d ago

You mean a remake of the SEGA Nomad. It was the Switch in 1995. It was awesome.