What's the one game you think people pretend to like the most?

This weekend's PCG Q&A is a spicy one, inspired by PC Gamer's Andy Kelly putting this out there on Twitter (before being disappointed by the answers, which is just Twitter all over, really). What's the one game you think people pretend to like the most?

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ArchangelMike510d ago

For me it's unfortunately Nier Automata. The hype was unreal about this game, it was supposed to be a masterpeice, a true gem of a game.

And then I played it. *sigh*

I really wanted to like that game, I really did. But I should have never played it. I should have just read the reviews and listened to all the hype, and been content with the idea of it being such a great game. But then I went and played it for myself.

Man, I don't think I've ever been so dissapointed by a game (not even No Man's Sky disappointed me this much). Apart from the combat, nearly everything about that game just screems bad game design. Maybe I've been spoilt by the likes of The Witcher 3, God of War, Fallout 4 - but Nier Automata simple did not do it for me. Don't get me wrong, a blindfolded cyborg ninja chick in a miniskirt is cool and all... but that was about it.

Snookies12509d ago

So... You never got far enough to understand what made it so highly praised. It's one a lot of people give up on early, because of various reasons. Yet it's a game that absolutely shines in its later moments. It went from being something I wasn't interested in, to being one of my favorite games of all time. (I also dislike that it's constantly just taken at face value "robot chick with skirt" type of mentality. When it's quite frankly so much more than that.)

TheOptimist509d ago

I second the notion of not even knowing about the game to hungrily wanting all the predecessors to have a port on Steam.

ArchangelMike509d ago

No I completed the first run through, got into the second and began to struggle with so many design flaws. My goodness, the writing is poor and ham fisted, the level design, the map, the side quests are extremely tedious for no real reason, the gameplay mechanis like the upgrade chips, the implementation of the 15second/30 second buffs, etc etc etc I could go on, but ther is so much that could have been implemented better. When you compare it to other open world games like Horizon Zero Dawn, or other games like Bloodbourne/Dark Souls, it's then you realise that it falls short of what it could truly have been.

tucky509d ago

"in a later moment" ... That's too late : a gem is great from the first seconds

Kados509d ago

So it is Final Fantasy XIII-4? Sorry, but a game should not make the player suffer through monotony for hours before getting decent. If it isn't fun from the start, it isn't worth playing.

neutralgamer1992509d ago

No a game can't be a master piece if it requires long grind through to get to the great part

Zenbaby369508d ago

Sometimes the struggle can be what makes a masterpiece so rewarding. Nothing wrong with a game that makes you grind, it just isn't everyones cup of tea.

Gaming101508d ago

I bought Nier Automata after the rave reviews and I just don't get it. The graphics are from PS3/360 era, since the previous Nier was from 2010 this game got delayed so much you can tell the graphics are basically a 1080p 360 game with some extra polish, but that's not why people like this game. The combat and upgrades are all decent, not bad but not groundbreaking, it did its job. It's trying to be a bullet hell game and a hack and slash game at the same time, and some people like the novelty.
The side quests are everything we hate about side quests. Literally, you are everyone's errand girl/boy. AC Odyssey is the same fetch quest repetitive crap. Witcher 3 did sidequests better than any game ever, with fully fleshed stories that are better than the main stories in a lot of games, quite frankly.
The story in Nier is extremely Japanese, in that it's very weird. It was incomprehensible by the end. It was vague, or at least the ending I got was vague. The character motivations aren't clearly explained, especially A2, I couldn't figure out the true reasons as to why she did any of the things she did in the entire game. It was all a mess. The story tries to be philosophical, which will impress high school students but for those of us who have actually taken Philosophy in post secondary will see it as paper thin, too weird and trying too hard to be an allegory for religion and the meaning of life.

bouzebbal508d ago

GTA... i really dont get what people like with this series.
it is overrated to the max.

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TheOptimist509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

The combat was probably the weakest element in the game apart from maybe side quests. Not because it was bad, but it felt like it lacked depth, but then again, it wasn't very shallow, just not something that comes close to say Devil May Cry or even Bayonetta. But it did have the breadth to cover up, it had hack n slash, twin stick shooting, text adventure elements that kept things fresh. And gameplay is not even its strong suit.

-Best OST of the gen easily
-Some of the best animations
-A story so twisted and beautiful, I remember almost every moment of it
-Really good set pieces for an RPG
-The themes and maturity

Then again, you say you have been spoilt by a game like Fallout 4 which itself isn't a paragon of game design. Kinda confusing there.

pietro1212508d ago

The combat is one the games highlights. It may bot has the depth if Platinum's other titles such as Bayonetta 1 and 2, but name an action rpg that plays as fast and fluid as Nier Automata?

Swiftfox509d ago

I'll agree. Nier Automata is the "Emporer's new Clothes" of the generation. People think it's deep and meaningful when it's honestly very poorly executed. From the story to the characters to the premise to the combat, to the overused, overall theme: the game was below average. Just goes to show you just need a soundtrack, plot, and theme from most "adult" 90's anime and you have a hit. What a disappointment.

goldwyncq509d ago

Nah, that would be Horizon Zero Dawn.

ArchangelMike509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

This is exactly my sentiment. To top it off why is the game practically in black and white, with a splash of green here and there?

Livingthedream508d ago

I think infamous second son and horizon zero dawn

MoshA509d ago

I agree. I like the world, atmosphere, character designs and combat but the story telling felt amateurish. Also the graphics were pretty bad, a lot of washed out textures and I had some technical issues on PS4, i can only imagine the pc port. For some reason the game forces you to play it twice straight away aswell. That should have been an optional NG+.

DaDrunkenJester509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

You only beat it once? The reason it forces you into playing twice right away is because it tells the story from the other bots perspective. Then on the 3rd playthrough you continue the story and things get twisted. To experience everything the plot has to offer you need to play it 3 times. Then you'll understand why people say the plot and story telling are great.

bigmalky508d ago

It's not the exact same game after the credits though. If you played it, you would know that.

tontontam0509d ago

You know what I think nier automata is one of the games people "intentionally try to hate" because of the praises it is getting.

goldwyncq509d ago

It's easily the best Japanese game of this generation along with Bloodborne.

notachance509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

aren't the blindfolded ninja chick just for the first playthrough?
most people praising it probably went all the way until the true ending on the 5th playthrough (not that it's a repeating playthrough, 3-5 are continuation, 2nd is the first but from the view of another character)

Although one thing I would criticised from it is exactly that, shouldn't have broke down the stories to 5 playthrough because most people would just thought it's finished at the 1st one.

disclaimer: I only played 1,5 playthrough because someone borrowed it and have yet to return it to me until this day. Based from what I played it's.. normal? good-ish, but not as amazing as the reviews I read, wanted to go all the way until the 5th ending but first I need my copy back...

_FantasmA_509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

If you have to play a game 5 times for it to git good, then that is a fail. Shouldn't it be good on it's first playthrough? It's like a relationship "hey, I know it didn't work out before, but let's keep trying again and see if we can rekindle the magic on the 5th time." Sorry, but no. The demo was terrible. Shouldn't a demo get me hyped up enough to buy the game. I just don't see the hype. Plus this game goes on sale every other month it seems like, kinda life Destiny 2 and BF5.

bigmalky508d ago

It's good from the start. It just builds to epic.

And it's not repeating the same game after the credits. Totally new perspective, character and combat style.

ginsunuva509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

Just came here to say the same exact thing.

The Tomb Raider reboot is almost tied though.

MWH509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

Same here. The first Nier although looks like a monkey's butt its story connected immediately and kept me going, Automata on the other hand didn't. I played a little further after you meet the twins in the alien ship when i finally lost interest.

I asked a friend who finished the game we both agreed that Automata's gameplay is good but he added that the story was not as good as the original, not even close. That was the end of it for me, unfortunately, because i was eagerly waiting for it and advising all my friends to play the original.

neutralgamer1992509d ago

For me it is the Witcher 3, I want to like the game but just can't can't explain

Everyone talks so highly about it so I am in the minority on this one

starchild508d ago

At least you recognize you're the minority. We all have our own tastes. No game is going to appeal to everyone. For me The Witcher 3 is the best overall game experience I've ever had.

good_sk8er509d ago

I loved Nier Automata, but then again I loved the first Nier, which didn't seem incredibly popular. Amazing soundtrack, great story, varied and enjoyable gameplay. I dont think it takes a while to get good, but it does seem to get better each time you beat it, but I was having a great time from the get go.

Again just because you dont like something doesn't mean people are pretending to, that's just silly.

DrumBeat509d ago

Journey, or perhaps Flower.

GameStallion508d ago

I thought journey was def overrated, but the art direction was gorgeous.

DrumBeat509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

Some people will say what you dislike about Nier is what made it charming. I completely agree... with you. An argument I often hear for this artsy-fartsy, weird-but-not-in-a-good-way game is the varied perspectives and gameplay; twin-stick, hack-slash, etc, but I find nothing about the game compelling in slightest... except for the soundtrack. It's quite good and really compliments the atmospheres. I can't consciously say anything else positive about this masterpiece/not a masterpiece.

sKiiTs8509d ago

completely disagree. the graphics weren't brilliant, but the story, soundtrack and world i thought were AMAZING

kevnb509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

Cant really see what you are talking about, its one of the best designed games of the last few years imo. If we want to talk about a poorly designed game, lets talk about fallout 4... an rpg with no interesting combat, no interesting dialog, no interesting story, terrible world building, and full of bugs.

l3w1s509d ago

Saying Automata has "bad game design" and calling Witcher 3 anything close to a good game - oh my sides.

starchild508d ago

Hardy hardy har you're such a gaming god. You know better than everybody else. I happen to think they are both great games. But what do I know, the gaming god has spoken.

pietro1212508d ago

Both games were great. Nier is probably one of the best jprgs to cone out this gen and Witcher 3 is one of the best wrpgs to come out this gen.

l3w1s508d ago


Calling Witcher an RPG - that's rich. That shit has no redeeming qualities, whether you look at it as a RPG or an action game. Poor story, ripped straight from the books, flanderization of character (I'm looking at you Ciri, what have they done to you!), poor combat. Enjoy what you want to enjoy, but please don't call W3 a good game. Because it isn't.

ChronoJoe509d ago

Aside from the combat? The combat is most of the game.

rainslacker509d ago

Are you pretending to like the game though?

Think the topic of the article is about what game get more people liking it, even though said people probably aren't liking it.

Seems like a dumb topic, since it's based on subjective things, but I suppose there are games out there that get said they're great, even though people are muddling through it, but for some reason, feel they have to pretend to be liking it for some reason. But people can do silly things for whatever reason.

GameStallion509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

Yeah, that game was MASSIVELY overrated. I played it and enjoyed my life less than when I wasn’t playing it.

nommers508d ago

Disagreeing big time. I don’t know if there’s been another game to do this, but at the end of Automata


the game goes beyond breaking the 4th wall to practically including the player into the story and in a way that makes sense with the story. It then coerces you in a very good way to even making the selfless decision to delete your save file so another player may live and get through the credit sequence. I know it’s probably not needed and other player data is probably around there on repeat, but it’s very convincing in the manner. Not saying everybody is going to delete their data because it’s such a large amount of work but it does it well enough that many people have. I’ve never experienced or heard of the bringing together of a gaming community this way or this well and having this done in a way that it verges on the brink of being CANON in the story. That is a monumental feat worthy of all the praise.

pietro1212508d ago

Have you played another title developed by Platinum? If you didn't that's mist likely why you get the appeal. Also a lit of the fans loved the concept behind Nier's world (myself included)

Segata508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Sounds like you just didn't get it. Combat is great and the story is one of the best in gaming and a sequel to Nier & Nier is a successor to Drakengard series. Nier Automata is one of the best games this generation easily. Of course it's not very colorful. It's not supposed to be in a dreary setting. Nier series is posted end of the world. They are tragic tales. This is a world 10,000 years after civilization ended & the sun never sets. The world is off balance and most life is gone.

508d ago
TheEroica508d ago

I totally agree... Well said. Neir was trash. To those saying you need to play the game 30 times through to understand how good it is? Get bent. No game should have to be beaten 30 times before revealing itself as halfway decent.

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MeteorPanda509d ago

zelda breath of the wild. that game was untouchable by negative press, every critism not praising it was shot down. it was dark times.

now ppl are like yeah...theres 4 mobs and weapons break.

Ausbo509d ago

I agree 100%. I should’ve read this before posting my comment above

NecrumOddBoy509d ago

10000% agree. I have expressed my concerns but the pitchforks came out hard. BOTW was 100% carried by the Zelda and Nintendo name alone. It would have failed if it was called anything other.

starchild508d ago

I don't agree. It was a really well crafted game and I enjoyed it a lot.

I do recognize that it was somewhat overhyped, but that goes for most exclusives on all platforms. Exclusives tend to always get overrated and overhyped (anywhere from a little to a lot). The same quality game as a multiplat will generally not receive the same level of hype or ratings.

Sono421509d ago

Exactly the game that came to mind for me too, the fact it has so many flaws and everyone overlooks them or downplays them still today boggles my mind. I am still confident that if the game simply had a different name and didn't have Zelda in the title, or Nintendo as the name on the product, it would have been slaughtered by reviews for the terrible design.

Kosic509d ago

BOTW was a terrible, over hyped game. I got a copy on the Wii U and it was an impressive looking game, but for gameplay, we've seen it all before. The arguments people make to tell you how good it is, is rather a joke. "Check out those physics....!"

I love a good Zelda game, but that one I managed to force myself to complete the story, 16 hours in I just rushed too the finish line. I was almost at my peak and calling it quits.

DaDrunkenJester509d ago

That's a shame. I put well over 100 hours into it and loved it all. I do wish they had more traditional dungeons though like the old games instead of the divine beasts.

MoshA509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

Nah, unique art style, beautiful music, immersive sound design and physics based combat and puzzles. Bosses, quests etc.
It's probably hard for casuals to appreciate these things though.

Araragifeels 509d ago

All Boss fight are trash especially Ganondorf fight which was so easy and boring. Weapon was horrible (Master Sword can be useless and the shield break easily) and is empty world. The only good thing about the game is the art style and fighting mechanic. I prefer playing Twilight Princess again than this

ClayRules2012509d ago

It has nice visuals. But “in my opinion” had it not had Zelda in the title of the game, I don’t believe it would’ve been praised like it has been. I played it with a friend who’s a big Zelda fan, and he didn’t like it, and believed the name alone is the reason why it’s gonna so much praise.

MoshA509d ago

Twilight Princess will always be the least innovative Zelda game :) Im glad it will be forgotten.

notachance509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

I got bored playing it because the 4 beasts were just copy-pasted with different settings:
you meet champion's successor -> get into the beast with their help -> puzzle -> ganon boss
by the third beast I was like, enough of this man, let's just play anything else.

In fact, the "4 element" settings made me remember Brave Fencer Musashi on PS1 and how varied the journey was to get the 4 elements back then, going up the highest mountain, solving ancient zombie outbreak, travelling deep into illusion forest, going deep down into the bowels of the earth... compare that to the lazy ass copy-paste gameplay and story of BotW I honestly became sad seeing the press blinded by the Nintendo and Zelda logo.

bluefox755509d ago

Par for the course with big ticket Nintendo games.

Zeldafan64508d ago

You just can't stand the fact that Breath of the Wild continues to sell.

MaxiPower90509d ago

i hated breath of the wild. weapons breaking is a killer.

3-4-5509d ago

I loved Botw. Truly a great game for what it tried to accomplish and what it did accomplish, but there are a few things that still bother me about the game.
Botw's Mistakes:

1.) Weapons breaking is's annoying, it's tedious, and it makes you hesitate to want to have as much fun as you could for fear of having to go gather more useful weapons......good idea, poorly executed.

2.) The music.....or lack there of. Legend of Zelda always had really melodic and catchy/memorable music that was very pleasing to listen to and helped set the mood/mindset of the game. They removed that and with it they removed some of the charm.
The music in Legend of Zelda games is arguable my second favorite reason to play the games and they got rid of it. Such a dumb decision.

With the next game, they need to shrink the world by 20% but fill it with 20 more towns. Towns seemed to have been the only place with different and good music as well.

Oh yea....Bring back regular dungeons.

-Foxtrot509d ago


People need to realise it's okay to criticize a main line Nintendo game and still like it, the mentality is you either f***** ADORE it, like you think it's amazing, sing praise, talk positively about it all the time and how it's perfect OR you think it's shit, awful, worst game ever and it's you "trolling". There is literally no middle ground at all, people think it's impossible to be anything but one or the other. If you say it's a decent game but list some issues or even just say "I like it as a game but it's very overrated" then you are pushed into the "you hate it, you're a troll, you think it's awful" circle. It's really unfair and it's done as a way to stop people thinking it's anything less then perfect by shooting them down.

Now you get journalists who will write articles criticize things about the game but they never once said that within their perfect glowing reviews, why not? We have seen journalists over the years nit pick things far smaller in other, smaller named games so it's not like they are beyond telling it like it is.

It was a good game, about a 7.5 at least but it did nothing revolutionary as people, journalists or even some arse licking developers go on about. Games like Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, Fallout, GTA, Horizon etc did some features better long before BotW, if this game came out in 2011 instead of Skyward Sword then I'd understand but 2017 was far too late.

People just see it as a main line Zelda game and think they HAVE to like it because of the reputation the franchise has gained. Even Skyward Sword was not that good for other reasons and people still couldn't be honest about that, I think the last good traditional Zelda game was Twilight Princess.

BotW did things worse then past Zelda games, they went backwards from story, memorable characters, a living breathing world full of life, monster variety, epic creative dungeons, massive unique boss fights, towns with their own styles and so on

The main things I liked about the game I can proudly state were the smaller things like turning water into ice and jumping on them as platforms, building things to fly, using a shield on a tall mountain slope, using a paraglider to glide around the map if you need to get down to ground level quickly, the fact the clouds have shadows on the ground that move etc. Little things which added charm to the game and set it's self apart from other open world games but the issue is these little things are not enough to go "I'm going to ignore the dozen or so faults because of this"

Hardiman509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

Yeah I was really let down by it! So much so I just finished it not that long ago. I've completed all main line Zeldas since the NES and BOTW and Skyward Sword were big letdowns compared to the Zeldas before them. Especially Ocarina, Wind Waker and The Twilight Princess and A Link to the Past!

I saw someone say above Twilight Princess was the least innovative Zelda but I'd throw that shade at Skyward Sword and BOTW. The last two just feel lacking compared to the ones before them and just because BOTW is the first Zelda to really embrace open world game design mechanics doesn't make it game changer because like you others have done it before and better! It's like watching the special features on The Girl with all the Gifts and seeing Glen Close and all the actors and producers fawning about how it's such an original idea for this kind of story but it's not because Naughty Dog and Sony did it first and told a much better story with The Last of Us!

starchild508d ago

"People need to realise it's okay to criticize a main line Nintendo game and still like it, the mentality is you either f***** ADORE it, like you think it's amazing, sing praise, talk positively about it all the time and how it's perfect OR you think it's shit, awful, worst game ever and it's you "trolling"."

That goes for Sony exclusives too. It seems you guys love to dish out constant "criticism" about multiplats and PC, Nintendo or Xbox exclusives, but most of the time I've seen anyone criticize Sony exclusives to any real degree on this site they get downvoted and attacked.

It's very telling that all the most extreme fanboys commenting on this article are mentioning highly rated multiplats and exclusives on platforms other than on the PS4. It's just comical at this point.

I think Sony does a really fantastic job as a publisher and I love some of their games, but that doesn't mean that they are all perfect and
that other platforms' exclusives and multiplats are somehow the only ones that don't deserve their hype or high scores.

Relientk77509d ago

Agree man was BOTW overrated AF. I absolutely love Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Twlight Princess like a milion times more.

Fraggle1987509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

Absolutely agree. The mini dungeons were a real dissapointment. The Survivial elements like the breakable weapons shouldnt have been in the game etc. Story rubbish like all zeldas and the graphics were really poor, no AA, the grass; AHHH my eyes. Some performace issues to top it all off and you have a very overhyped game.

babadivad509d ago

So MUCH this!!