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Spider-Man has been one of the most prolific and popular superheroes for Marvel since his inception, and that has spun off into him appearing in dozens of video games. Since the medium became popular, he's been the main character in several of them just in the past 15 years or so. Given that he’s been everywhere lately—cartoon shows, comics, movies, video games—you would think that Marvel would take his popularity for granted, and that licensed games starring him would be rushed and sub-par, with plenty of glitches and a bad plot. When it comes to Marvel’s Spider-Man—Insomniac Games’ newest title, developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4—you’d be wrong.

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Cris7tiano10d ago

Isn't it a bit late? Great game nonetheless

ccgr10d ago

Better late than never ;) Insomniac/Sony does not send us games to review :(

Direwolf48410d ago

Fantastic game, great review!