Should Bungie Self Publish Their Next Game Or Should They Partner With One of the Big Three

What is the best possible move for Bungie from here on out?

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UCForce8d ago

I think they should stay independent because it’s benefit for them.

UCForce8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Well, they should and all hand is on them this time, not Activision anymore. See how is goes.

AngainorG7X8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

With one of the big "two". Can't see how a Switch exclusivity with Destiny 3 will help. Anyway, they should remain independent.

Unreal018d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Exclusives sell far better on the Switch, and PS4 than the Xbox One, even with far less consoles out there.. So I'm sure they'd rather be tied to Switch than Xbox One bud.

But yeah, being independent is obviously the most sensible choice for them.

CaptainCook7d ago

What are you on About? Even if Destiny 3 was Microsoft exclusive it'll be on Xbox One and Windows 10 store.

EddieNX 7d ago

If Bungie made an exusive game for Switch it would sell like gangbusters no doubt.

That being said, I agree it would be a very unusual choice of platform for them. I wouldn't count anything out though.

neutralgamer19928d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I think they will stay independent yet get help from Sony funding wise. destiny 3 won't be exclusive but may contain timed exclusive dlc or early dlc release for ps gamers. The only reason I said don't us because they akewady have a marketing deal and tend to do these sort of things without making games exclusive

They even funded monster hunter world because it was a big risk for Capcom. Self publishing, distribution and marketing is expensive and with close to 1000 employees that's a huge risk so they will stay independent but will get help from someone too. Just look at CD project red they are indeoendgt yet have different publishers who help them in many regions

Smokehouse8d ago

Zero reason to do anything but partner. You can have contracts without being owned. Insomniac can make games for whoever they want, they just have a good relationship with Sony and probably get good resources. If you are confident in the sustainability of your brand then you should always choose partner simply for the fact that you have a choice. Activision could have just run bungie into the dirt and liquidated the remains. A clean break like that is a good thing. Dont jump from one pan into another, wait until you know you are burned out lol. Then you choose to be owned by an employer lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.