PSA: Red Dead Redemption 2 Pre-Order Bonuses No Longer Free On PS4 writes “In case you are a PlayStation 4 player who is planning on deleting their Red Dead Online character that owns the pre-order bonus content, don't.”

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MoshA9d ago

Dont play RD2 multiplayer if you have standards. Absolute boring garbage.
Wait for Borderlands 3, Dying Light 2, Titanfall 3 and Nioh 2.

bluefox7559d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I think it's now fair to say that RDR2 isn't going to come close to replicating the success of GTA5. Not because of this, just a general observation.

Profchaos9d ago

I remember GTA online at launch was universally hated it dropped out all the time had way more bugs and issues trying to play with friends. It also had no real Content.

Fast forward to today it's the driving force behind d GTA selling millions of copies and still being in the top 10

But Red dead is a western and that's not to everyone's taste so I don't see it being as popular but I don't think it will die off either

rdgneoz39d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Difference is gta didn't extort people over weapons. Cosmetic outfits, cars, and apartments were pricey at times, but you were able to afford guns as you started out...

CureOptimism9d ago

If you valued and enjoyed RDR2's singleplayer, don't play the the multiplayer unless you want your good feelings about the game to be irreparably damaged. What a hideous online component.