How good of a vampire hunter are you? - Super Castlevania IV is Hard

"Before I started Super Castlevania IV, I thought it would be a Metroidvania but that's not the case. While many Castlevanias are Metroidvanias, Super Castlevania IV is more of an action platformer and it's a darn hard one to boot." - Alex Legard from Video Chums

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ApocalypseShadow1599d ago

Not really. One of my most favorite games. Back then, the games we played created a skill level from contra, mega man,ninja gaiden, mario bros, metroid,etc. Plus, the earlier castlevania's created a skill set.

When you are from that era and played those games, Super Castlevania IV wasn't that hard. But the game and the MUSIC was amazing.

VideoChums1599d ago

Agreed. I grew up playing Castlevania on NES and didn't find Super Castlevania IV to be that hard. However, the author of this piece is completely new to the series and Super Castlevania IV acted as their introduction to it. So, you can imagine how challenging it must be if you're unacquainted with the franchise's mechanics.

And, yes, the soundtrack is one of the best in gaming history. I could listen to it every day.

- A.J.

Einhander19711598d ago

Certainly not the hardest Castlevania, but this is my favourite. Absolutely love this game the use of mode 7 and incredible music will always make the 16 bit era truly unforgettable.