Verizon is quietly testing its own Netflix-style cloud gaming service

Verizon Gaming is already being tested on the Nvidia Shield — and soon on Android phones.

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S2Killinit8d ago

The day i buy anything like that from these tele-communications scumbags will be the day i quit gaming.

Jin_Sakai9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

“Verizon is quietly testing its own Netflix-style cloud gaming service”

Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Latency and compression will always hurt cloud gaming. It will never compare to local gaming.

DarXyde8d ago

Although, if a telecom company the size of Verizon is offering, it may work pretty well.

Local gaming latency has technically increased since gen 6 since controllers are wireless. Wireless controllers +cloud gaming has some latency issues for sure, but with a wireless device itself being the input and there is no mediating device between it and the cloud, i expect lower latency than consoles.


It doesn't have to "compare" to local gaming. It just needs to be cheap, accessible, and good enough for mainstream audiences.

Taco Bell isn't more successful than traditional Mexican restaurants because it provides a better product, it's because of the three reasons I listed above.

Apocalypse Shadow9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Only the beginning. As more companies want a piece of the pie but end up fracturing the market with choices.

Verizon won't just sit back either. Net Neutrality baby. FCC commissioner Ajit Pai used to work on Verizon’s legal team. Verizon will get greedy.

Watch what happens. If it becomes a thing, watch as they give their own service fast pass speeds while giving gamers using their network for other gaming services slower speeds. But they'll make it faster for you for a fee.

All this streaming won't be pretty. Anything beyond buying physical discs means lots of subscriptions and higher costs. With no ownership. Get ready for all that "fun."

crazyCoconuts8d ago

Amen to that, brother. I would be more worried if I thought Verizon had a chance of pulling this off in a way that gamers found desirable. I think whatever they come up with will be rough and lack the whole ecosystem console gamers have come to expect.

annoyedgamer8d ago

No physical release = no sale.

S2Killinit8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

After what these tele-communication companies tried to pull with destroying net-neutrality, and the way they have riped off consumers with their cable packages and internet packages and mobile phone services...

GrontB8d ago

Sounds about right. Verizon wants to run the internet and charge any competition (Microsoft, Sony, etc.) out the butt for the bandwidth usage of streaming. While they use their own "owned" data for next to nothing.

Tankbusta408d ago

Verizon can't even provide a consistent cell phone signal to my house.... Doubt they will go far in gaming

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