Former Gearbox Lawyer Accuses CEO Randy Pitchford Of Taking Secret $12 Million Bonus In Lawsuit

The former general counsel of game studio Gearbox (Borderlands, Aliens: Colonial Marines) and CEO Randy Pitchford are suing one another in a messy legal battle that sees both men accused of violating their legal duties to the company. The suit against Pitchford is full of sensational allegations, including the accusation that the Gearbox CEO received a secret $12 million bonus from publisher Take-Two Interactive as an advance against Borderlands profits.

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ZaWarudo885d ago

These are very serious allegations, but i want to remind everyone that you're innocent until proven guilty.

Though, Randy Pitchford always gave me a Shady used car salesman vibe. Curious how things pans out.

porkChop885d ago

I don't know about the child porn. That's an extreme allegation, so we'll see if there's proof. But that $12 million that should have gone to the devs? That sounds like something Pitchford would do. They were already accused of using Sega's Aliens: CM funding to dev Borderlands instead. He's a snake. Always scheming, and he's been caught lying about stuff many times.

WitcheRivia885d ago

Gearbox isn't doing anything with the Duke Nukem IP & price hiked We Happy Few. I hope they lose.

1nsomniac884d ago

Randy Pitchford is a scumbag and has been his entire life. This is not a one off!

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