Nintendo Switch Account Banned After PayPal Issues a Refund

If you’re using PayPal as a payment method on Nintendo eShop that’s not the same as your country of residence, you would probably want to avoid contacting PayPal Support or use a credit card instead.

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crazyCoconuts11d ago

A good reminder that you don't "own" those games you "purchase". You're paying to have rights to access their content on their terms. I think digital rights have a ways to go before they're customer friendly. The platform holders have us by the short hairs.

Eidolon10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I still can access all my games since 2006. This is definitely a flaw, though, all licenses bound to one(bannable) account is a bad(and unavoidable) reality for digital content. I'm pretty sure he can get his stuff back, but will probably be a pain in the ass,
Rare case, though. Follow terms and you're good.

ninsigma10d ago

Personally I think a banning should just ban you from online play and let you keep access to your games and the store. Maybe if your transgression is in violation of a particular game then ban from that game only.

Cobra95110d ago

I haven't had any problems either, but this story shows that they control whatever is in your account, not you. They can choose to shut you out, and that is power they should not have--not after you've paid for the games.

Also PayPal are borderline crooks. So far I've managed to avoid using that service completely.

traumadisaster10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

He was scamming the system to get a cheaper game bought outside his region, then had the balls to get a refund from the bank(PayPal) rather than ninty, then lied and said he didn't ask for a refund.

Nice deterrent, no one reading this will try that bs. Consequences...its a thing.

ZeekQuattro10d ago

That makes sense now. I thought it was odd when he said he asked about exchange rates and PayPal instead returned his money. Lol

Cobra95110d ago

This individual claims never having requested a refund. The request was related to exchange rates, allegedly. Regardless, banning the account means taking away a lot more than this one game. If I buy a hat in Mexico and bring it to the US, the manufacturer won't send goons to my house to take all my hats away. If you buy something, even digitally, no one should be able to deprive you of everything you've bought from them in one fell swoop like this.

OtterX10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I will say that there are some of us who do actually purchase outside of our region for legitimate reasons... for instance, I am an American expat who has lived in EU since 2014. I'm still a resident here, not a citizen though. My Switch was bought here in Europe, but I purchase almost everything from the US store. Cheaper prices, but I still maintain my American bank account and credit cards while I live here. It's a right I maintain as a citizen living abroad. I still maintain American work clients who pay in dollars to my American accounts.

With that said, I wouldn't be stupid enough to request a Paypal refund even if I used it. (he says he didn't) But I don't use Paypal at all. You're right, something is fishy here.

Kainbrightside10d ago

This will happen with just about any digital service.

neocores805510d ago

This happen to my father he was oversea and bought my lil bro a switch. It got PERM BAN after a refund and we called and everything to pay for what we had to pay to. get it unbann they said we had to reverse it with paypal but paypal would not do that and NINTENDO refused to help us.

PhoenixUp10d ago

Why do people still advocate for a digital only future when your account can be banned for superfluous reasons and you’d lose access to your entire library in the blink of an eye?

King_Noctis10d ago

Maybe you should read the article, or heck even read tramadisaster’s comment above first.

Lord_Sloth9d ago

Trying to scam the company isn't a superfluous reason.

PhoenixUp9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I’m not even talking specifically about this instance. I’m talking about in general. I can find numerous other instances where people lost access to their accounts and thus their digital libraries.

One example off the top of my head is a guy who got his PSN account banned because he used his real name Jihad.

Some of the times they get their accounts back but the point still stands.

NotoriousWhiz9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

But on the bright side, if their house burned down, they wouldn't lose all of their games. They have a lot of other problems for sure but they'd be one console purchase away from enjoying all of their old games. Different strokes for different folks.

PhoenixUp9d ago

It’s why having multiple options is the best rather than being forced to deal with only one

NotoriousWhiz8d ago

I agree. Everyone should have the option to choose.

Eidolon10d ago

Sounds fixable. But that sucks.

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