Nintendo Switch Now Outpacing Wii Sales in Japan

The Switch is a bonafide hit worldwide, but there are certain regions where Switch success is on a completely different level. Japan is definitely one of those regions, and gamers can see that through some comparison data.

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DJK1NG_Gaming9d ago

The Switch is outperforming all previous Nintendo home consoles in Japan.
The real challenge is the handheld ones but with Animal Crossing and Pokemon coming this year. It should have no problem as both are the biggest gaming franchises in Japan.

Lime1239d ago

I know, right? Pokemon just released and had worse first week than MHW, DQXI and FFXV on PS4.

DJK1NG_Gaming9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I am not even talking about casual Pokemon let's go. I am talking about the next generation Pokemon game. That will sell over 5 million in Japan.

Gemmol8d ago

Were those games remasters like Pokemon let's go or brand new game?

I know you not blind to the chart look at onimushi or whatever that ps2 remaster that came out on Switch, Xbox and PS4

Now tell me what were the sales for those games

My point Japan do not care for remasters for Pokemon to still reach 1 million is beyond luck

Go ahead look at all ps4 teamsters for the past years in Japan find me one that reach over 200k or even 300k if you like, regardless what numbers you find none reach Pokemon numbers

Why I say that ? Because ps4 only have 3 games ever to reach 1 million retail sales in Japan....MHW, DQXI, and FFXV, every other game sold 500k and less

Lime1237d ago

PS4 already outsold N64, NGC and WiiU in Japan.

ZeekQuattro9d ago

Funny. I can remember a certain troll on this site constantly stating that the Switch was behind it's predecessors like the Wii for instance. Oh well. Lol

Lime1239d ago

Well, it was behind until few weeks ago.

Still, 3DS and DS were much higher in same time frame.

Gemmol8d ago

What was the 3ds and DS price point? I know you remember the 3ds drop it price right before the 6 month mark

Making those two systems more accessible to get compare to the switch

Lime1238d ago


How come you don't care about price when you're comparing PS4 and Switch?

Shuckylad8d ago

Seriously who gives a toss. Nintendo win whatever the comparative figures are.

King_Noctis8d ago

Price and market situation are the two main reasons. That is why the PS Vita sold way less than than the PSP.

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Lime1239d ago

Japan was weakest market for Wii. In the end it only sold 12 million. DS sold over 30 million.

King_Noctis8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

It wouldn’t be a Nintendo sale article if you wasn’t here spouting all the sale number. You’re pretty good at this, you should apply for a fulltime job on N4G.

Lime1238d ago

After first 97 weeks Switch is behind GBA, DS and 3DS.

Famitsu Week 97:
PS4 - 2.129.793
PS3 - 2.345.418
PSP - 4.053.853
PS2 - 6.661.657
Wii - 6.826.612
NSW - 7.115.244
GBA - 8.071.508
3DS - 9.781.879
NDS - 11.563.748

Shuckylad8d ago

GBA has probably the strongest lineup of any gaming device ever.

eagle218d ago

Have some sour lemons with your sour limes....lmao. Switch's success keeps you awake at night. lol

Kiwi668d ago

You seriously have issues when it comes to positive Nintendo news as you're in nearly every article about them finding some way to find something negative

Razzer8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Irony. First dude in a Sony article finding something negative.

King_Noctis8d ago


Isn’t what he said correct? There are indeed many multiplat game on that list.

Razzer8d ago


Isn't what Lime123 stated correct?

eagle217d ago


The article clearly said outpacing Wii and he is trying miserably to compare 3DS and DS when they are clearly not home consoles that cost $ That is why he is getting disagrees.

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danny8188d ago

It has too. Nintendo no longer has 2 hardware devices on market. It’s a two in one. It only makes sense

mcstorm8d ago

Well tbey do have the 3ds still active on the market but I get what your saying its close to the end.

Nebaku8d ago

Not true. Nintendo's mobile game venture is basically the spiritual successor to them having a handheld line.

King_Noctis8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

But the 3DS is still there and Nintendo is still supporting it. So...

Also, like Nebaku said, mobile might be a secondary device for Nintendo after the 3ds.

danny8188d ago

3DS is very old. I’m sure they aren’t moving hardware like they did years ago when is comes to the 3DS.