Putting The PlayStation 4's 91.6 Million Sales Into Context

The PS4 has sold 91.6 million units, but what does that really mean for Sony and the video game industry?

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ABizzel19d ago

4th best selling is guaranteed, and being the 3rd is extremely likely. However, PS4 is unlikely to surpass DS and PS2, simply because it's unlikely for it to continue selling well into the PS5s lifecycle as the PS2 did during the $600 PS3 launch.

meganick9d ago

I think budget priced PS4’s would sell well even with PS5 out. If it’s like $150 or less.

Ratchet759d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Especially considering the strength of the PS store in term of content.
Back in the days you would have to go around town just to find a game for a previous Gen console. Now you can find over 90% of them straight out of the confort of your home. I kept my ps3 and I ve found games on the store that I never heard of and so cheap that I really felt like my ps3 had still so much to give.

fishaz7809d ago

I literally just got an Xbox One S, I’m really not ready for next gen yet. I’m probably gonna hold out on PS5 because PS4 launch was slow I think for at least a couple months I had contrast, assassins creed and killzone

StormSnooper9d ago

PlayStations tend to sell long after a new generation arrives as they are supported well into start of new generations.

As to PS5 I’m a day one purchaser. I want to be there from the very first minute. But I know there are people who buy consoles once they hit the “magic” $199. They are usually either casual kid gamers whose parents decide what console they will have, or budget gamers. So I think the PS4 will continue to sell for those two reasons.

RosweeSon8d ago

And let’s face it once Ps5 drops the prices of PS4 defo will they’ve held very well so far. I can only imagine a price cut is due on or around e3 sure they not participating but they’ll still be announcing stuff 3rd parties will and if Sony drop £50 off the price minimum think that’ll be big enough news for them ;)

Babadook78d ago

I was hoping the comparison would be launch aligned. Would be more relevant

Babadook78d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I mean, I would like to see that 91.6 million compared to ps2, Wii etc. after the SAME no of months after launch. The claim that this comparison puts it into context ended up being wrong.

By my estimate Wii was at about 90 million at this time in its life so pretty close with Ps4 likely ahead. And Ps4 will absolutely for sure finish above Wii.

OpenGL8d ago

I wonder whether it'll be able to hit that price, the PS4 is more than 5 years old now yet maintains a $299 MSRP (when not on Black Friday sales)

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Livingthedream9d ago

I purchased 1 original ps4, one slim and one pro, crazy to think how much I spent on these systems lol

Tapani9d ago

For me it was PS4 and PS4 Pro, but I sold PS4 and used the money to get a Pro. Overall cost was around 550€ with the mid-generational upgrade. If I had bought 2000€ PC and upgraded it in three years with a 500€ GPU, the cost would have been 2500€. I think I'll do the same with the new PS5, and use my ultrabook connected to my 4K tv for browsing and stuff. Would love to have a PC, but there's not a single killer game that would need that much horsepower... Well, something that a PS4 Pro or PS5 could not handle anyway.

ILostMyMind9d ago

If PS5 is released for $600 and most of the games are on both platforms, PS4 can continue to sell for quite a while.

stuckNhere4Good9d ago

There were two PS3 SKUs at launch... One was $500.

DarXyde9d ago

Don't forget: PS2 did much better in Japan than PS4.

Ratchet759d ago

Yeah but in 2019 the console market is so much bigger than just Japan, Europe and NA compared to the ps2 Era.

DarXyde9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


I was agreeing with ABizzel that PS4 will not share the same success as PS2. As a further matter, having more countries allows for greater potential for expansion than PS2, but it also depends on (a) units available in new areas and (b) if Playstation can become popular in those areas. The second point is a pretty serious challenge in the face of mobile gaming. If you've ever traveled around various parts of Asia, one of the things you'll definitely learn is kids LOVE their battle royales on the go. In my most recent trip to Asia last month alone, in Cambodia, there's even a place called PUBG Cafe. Playstation is up against some pretty fierce competition in their new areas and their market presence has shrunken in Japan.

Sony still does quite well and they have a ton to celebrate, but I think it is clear that Sony will not reclaim their previous market penetration.

gravedigger9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

You mean 2nd probably. There is a category "home consoles" and "handhelds" . Like NPD said few months ago :

the NPD said, including full-game sales, downloadable content, subscriptions, and mobile revenues, with mobile and digital content for CONSOLE and HANDHELDS showing the strongest growth.


JackBNimble8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Ps4 has out sold ps2 in the same time period , so I don't think it's inconceivable that the ps4 could out sell ps2 in life time sales.

Jin_Sakai8d ago

14.41 million in 2014
16.75 million in 2015
18.41 million in 2016
21.20 million in 2017
16.63 million in 2018

“That’s a total of 74.97 million before 2018. If you subtract that figure from 91.6 million you get 16.63 million units in 2018, which indicates a definite slowdown of PS4 sales as we approach the end of this console generation.”

I fully expect a PS5 announcement this year with a release date between holiday 2019 and Q1 2020. Sony will want to get a head start on Microsoft again.

saint_seya8d ago

Dunno who did this maths, but please sue that guy, 14.41+16.75+18.41+21.20= 70.77m ...go back to school?
Its 20.83 according to those numbers in 2018...

Jin_Sakai8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


“Dunno who did this maths, but please sue that guy, 14.41+16.75+18.41+21.20= 70.77m ...go back to school?”

That’s an error on my end. Sorry.

Here’s the correct order.

4.2 million in 2013
14.41 million in 2014
16.75 million in 2015
18.41 million in 2016
21.2 million in 2017

Mr Marvel8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

The Nintendo DS is not a console, therefore it doesn’t count.

pain777pas8d ago

I agree with what you're stating for the most part. However, I will say this, if games are still released for the PS4 aswell even with a massive graphical downgrade even forcing games to run at a paltry 720p then the PS4 will continue to sell even if only the PS4 pro becomes standard. Pricing will be key because games just can't look terrible anymore. Diminishing returns in visuals are apparent now. If they can get the PS4 pro as standard, still release games for it and priced at no higher than $249.99 the PS4 is going nowhere soon. Also I will add that the PS5 if launched right may do PS2 numbers.

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Apocalypse Shadow9d ago

That's easy

A lot of us said last Gen that if Sony went head to head, they would destroy. Put it into context?

Domination by giving gamers what they want. Which is games and actual exclusives meant to sell hardware or there's no point in making one.

Skankinruby9d ago

Ps4 could definitely have sturdy legs going into ps5 cycle depending on game support and price. This gen has been fantastic for them they'd be foolish to cut support cold turkey come ps5 release

RosweeSon8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

And they won’t ps4 will be around for another 2/3 years yet at least mainly as PS5 is a minimum of 21 months away ;)

JackBNimble8d ago

Ps4 will be in production 3 or 4 years after the next gen starts just as sony has done with all previous playstations.

awdevoftw9d ago

I could see Sony selling another 10 million in the next couple of years, with all the heavy hitter games still coming out. Could definately surpass the wii.

Dark_Knightmare29d ago (Edited 9d ago )

They’ll sell more than ten million this year alone

Dark_Knightmare29d ago

Got to love that one salty downvote lol as if what I said wasn’t a certainty

RosweeSon8d ago

Prob cos a certain console could only dream of 10 million consoles sold in a year ;)

UCForce9d ago

it definitely will surpass Will sale.

MajorLazer9d ago

That's lowballing it massively, this year alone should be 15 Million+. Can see another 15-20m being sold in the rest of it's lifetime, probably even more.

Razzer9d ago

Couple of years? lol.....they will sell ten million by mid 2019. It will outsell Wii. That isn't even a question.

RosweeSon8d ago

They could do that it the next year they’ve been doing it for the last 4/5 years ;) plus price cuts will be due soon think I read they sold 6 million at Christmas alone. Sure next couple of months will prob be pretty quiet for them but second half of the year and as the summer wraps up they’ll clear the 100 million by end of the year no probs ;)

Gardenia8d ago

The Last of Us II will give a massive boost to PS4 sales again. Maybe Death Stranding is going to be another gem. Then there is Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone and a few others.

I'd say 20 million sales in 2019 is possible, if all those games will be released this year

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Gameseeker_Frampt9d ago

The PS4 never broke Wii's records for fastest selling yet it is easily going to sail past Wii's total sales. Just goes to show that this isn't a sprint, but a marathon.

PhoenixUp9d ago

PS4 did sell faster than Wii at a point but then fell behind.
It’ll surpass Wii by August or September

Gemmol9d ago

Also shows the Wii was god like, it deserves a lot more respect for selling so much in a short time

Legatus9d ago

PS2 is God like, selling 155 million units is out of this world.

Razzer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Nah....just shows Wii was popular with non-gamers. It had shit software overall for core gamers outside of a few first party Marios and such.

Lime1239d ago

Especially since it was $249.

Sunny_D8d ago

Nah, Wii was a fad that sold fast in the beginning and then died out as the gen went by. Most people had their Wii collecting dust.

nitus108d ago

"Wii was god like"? How do you arrive at that statement?

I won't deny that the Wii was popular but for many, it was a fad that gathered dust within a year of its purchase although for some it was their preferred platform. All up the Wii sold about 101 million worldwide compared to the PS2 which sold approx 159 million.

The PS2, unlike the Wii, was able to read both CD's and DVD's as well as being able to play PS1 and PS2 games.

It must also be noted that the Wii was released on the 19th November 2006 while the PS3 was released on the 11th November 2006 which meant that the Wii was competing against a gaming console that supported up to 1080p resolution whereas the Wii only supported Standard Definition. But in the Wii's favour, it was also cheaper and had games that also appealed (at least initially) to many.

Of course, the XBox360 which was released in December 2005 was also a 1080p capable gaming console which made the Wii a previous generation console and it was only with the introduction of the WiiU (November 2012) that the resolution to 1080p was addressed.

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FallenAngel19849d ago

No matter how fast Wii sold initially, PS2 still reached 100 million sold faster than Wii.