The Insider #93 – Activision & Bungie Split – Destiny Wins

A special episode of The Insider has just hit, covering the surprise announcement from Bungie that they have split from Activision.

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PapaBop9d ago

Plus Activision loses, they're stock has dropped over 9% since the Bungie announcement. Happy new year Kotick!

Someplay9d ago

Choosing Activision was a bad choice in the first place.

Someplay9d ago

Yes leaving Activision is a wise decision. However Bungie fucked destiny 2 hard by themselves. If Bungie as an entity wants to get things right they need to recapture new and old talented people they lost during internal disputes. The main reason why Destiny 2 sucked ass pretty good is because of Bungie themselves. Activision has blame too of course but changing face doesn't save the game franchise. At least Bungie decided to amend their mistakes leaving Activision behind. The first and foremost enemy to Bungie is Bungie themselves.

NeoGamer2329d ago

Bungie's best days are behind them.

Halo 1-3 + Reach was a great story combined with a great game.

Destiny is a great game void of story.

Someplay9d ago

"Destiny is a great game void of story"

Great game? I differ. Destiny never was a great game to begin with. The only thing that Destiny had was the raids in Destiny 1 like the Glass Chamber. They dropped that idea adding disparate elements.

This Bungie is something else, they will never be capable of reaching their glorious days of halo. They have to try something else and move away from Destiny once they finish the third installment.