PlayStation Classic Should be the Last “Classic” Console

They were fun while they lasted, but the shortcomings of the PlayStation Classic show why the classic console concept has an expiration date.

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darthv7211d ago

Nah, i'm betting nintendo will have an N64 classic. Personally, I'd love to see a saturn or dreamcast classic.

gangsta_red11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I want to see an official Genesis mini from Sega and not that bs from ATGames.

And the Genesis Mini should have some secret 32x option inside for that added spice.

PhoenixUp11d ago

It’d be awesome if you could just buy these retro games on PS4 & NS

porkChop11d ago

That would be ideal. But having the option of both just makes sense.

porkChop11d ago

Why? Many of the others have been good, the Nintendo ones for example. Just because Sony puts out a half-assed cash grab, everyone else should stop? That's nonsense.

BlackRaven85_19d ago

Because the world believes everything revolves around Sony. If Sony can't have their classic console a success then nobody should. That's the mindset of people.

AK9110d ago

It should but it won’t

william_cade10d ago

If they would have hit it out of the park, then every one would be saying "we want more". But most of these classic consoles, especially Sony's, have shit game selections, and that's why they sucked.

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The story is too old to be commented.