Exclusive Gameplay From Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's Hirata Estates

GI: "Watch us walk you through an exciting, new environment in From Software and Miyazaki's next game."

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Potnoodle99910d ago

Holy Christ this looks incredible, can’t wait for another from software masterpiece!

starchild10d ago

You've got that right. Simply amazing. It's my most anticipated game.

Potnoodle99910d ago

I love it when devs this good take a risk and move away from an established ip. These types of companies have so many original ideas, I mean look at souls, then bloodborne, now this, the kind of originality in games over the last couple of years reminds me of the PS1/N64 days, can’t wait for this and it looks like they are ready to show us this bad boy finally!

zodiac90910d ago

From from from from from from from from from from from from from from from from The companies name triggers my OCD fiercely.

MoshA10d ago

Masterpiece? Did you forget Dark Souls 2 and 3 and all the cut content by Bandai Namco?

SpinalRemains1389d ago

Your thought process is broken. Play Demons Souls and then return to this discussion.

Master. .......Piece.....

Sonyslave310d ago

This and ghost gonna feel my samurai thirst

Potnoodle99910d ago

Ghosts looks incredible too, I’m sure it will be amazing. with the track record of both sucker punch and from software, you CANNOT go wrong. Next year is going to be incredible (or 2020 may be more likely...which makes me sad😂 I need them now!)

The_Sage10d ago

I don't know if we could compare this to Ghosts. Looks great but Ghosts looks to be on another level.

mkis00710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

From a graphics standpoint ya ghost is pretty amazing. We dont know enough about gameplay to compare that aspect though.

Ive got my ce on order for this game it looks just freindly enough for me to be interested.

starchild10d ago

I think they're both going to be amazing for different reasons. Ghost of Tsushima has the nicer visuals, a large open world and a more developed, traditional narrative, while Sekiro will likely have the deeper, more complex and more rewarding gameplay along with From's trademark subtle narrative you uncover slowly through the environment, characters and written items.

Obviously I don't know those things for certain. They are more like best guesses based on each studio's previous games and what they've shared so far about their new games.

sampsonon9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

one is based more in realism, and the other looks to be more fantasy. I will be buying both.

goldwyncq10d ago

You play as a ninja in this game though.

WorldGamer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

You may play as a ninja in both. Look up the very first Ghost trailer.

AK9110d ago

That grappling hook is rad!

Also wondering if we can get a jap audio option? I normally prefer english VA but considering its in olden day Japan I would prefer the original japanese VA.

starchild10d ago

I agree. Luckily From Software have said that it can be played with English or Japanese VA.

Dirtnapstor10d ago

Looks awesome! I need to get back on Nioh and finish that up now, or I never will come this release!

starchild10d ago

Yeah, better hurry. Nioh is awesome. And after Sekiro we're going to have Nioh 2 at some point.

Dirtnapstor9d ago

Yes that’s right! Nioh 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima!
For me, Nioh was the spiritual successor to the Onimusha series.

bigmalky10d ago

Looking good so far. Also, Game Informer seems to be the last bastion of good, professional gaming journalism.

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