'Cyberpunk 2077' Devs Had to Watch 'Bladerunner' and 'Ghost in the Shell'

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game full of night and neon, and the senior quest designer has revealed some of the inspiration behind the game's level design.

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masterfox10d ago

Holy hell if they add correctly the atmosphere of those two films we are into something very very special with Cyberpunk 2077 and it will be worth wait every second of it no doubt!!

GamingSinceForever9d ago

I’d find it more interesting if they developed their own futuristic concept as opposed to taking from what has already been imagined.

KyRo9d ago

Do you realise how hard that is in the 21st century after decades of films, books, film, TV, documentaries etc? Most visions of the future are very similar. Look at places like Tokyo and Dubai and you can already see how people's vision of the future taking place.

plmkoh9d ago

Cyberpunk 2077 takes visual cues from it's source material, so if it ends up being a cheesy rip off of Blade Runner etc it's only because the source material is exactly that.

But I agree with you, just look at Deus Ex HR/MD, completely original Cyberpunk look and it's fantastic.

Livingthedream9d ago

Uncharted vs Indiana Jones, a better version of tomb raider. Games generally borrow from other media at least the concepts

Veneno9d ago

The recent Blade runner 2049 was a big disappointment I hope they don't use that one.

Dirtnapstor9d ago

Agreed. What a snooze fest that was. Honestly the original was pretty slow too.
Altered Carbon on Netflix had a Bladerunner feel but was way better in all respects.

Casepb9d ago

I'm sure they watched both. They each felt the same to me, I enjoyed them.

deckardreplicant9d ago

I think Blade Runner 2049 is one of "those" movies, not made for everyone and it's normal (Not everyone is a fan of the slow pace shots), and for me, it's something very special, very few cases like this happen where the long-awaited sequel is actually better or on par with the first one. Cyberpunk 2077 definitely takes some things from Blade Runner franchise but I think CP2077 has like a little bit of Mad Max to it too.

RememberThe3579d ago

I loved Blade Runner 2049, thought I was the perfect sequel to such a classic.

Dirtnapstor9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Wow my disagrees Lol. Face the fact that if Harrison Ford was never in this film, it would not be considered the cult classic it is.

pietro12129d ago

2049 was a worthy sequel and the probably one of the best Scifi movies to come out in the last decade.

salmonade9d ago

@ Dirtnapstor, you fool. It's got next to nothing to do with Harrison Ford on why the movie is a classic. It's the story, setting and concept. How old are you?

Dirtnapstor9d ago

Old enough to know better... sure, the premise was good, but still boring.
Dune was a much better Sci-fi classic that had real depth.

Cobra9518d ago

I think I'm just too old for the negative swing in movies. I remember when dark movie meant that the protagonist loses a hand and finds out that the really bad guy is his father. Now, dark movie means EVERYBODY FREAKING DIES!

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thorstein9d ago

Absolutely. Being immersed in the genre makes for a great way to develop the depth I am looking for. If they are going to name the game after the genre, then it should be done this way. I am so looking forward to this.

The Wood9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

That thumbnail made me think of the major kusanagi. Very apt to the theme of the game

NarutoFox9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I wish it gets a TPS option though

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robtion9d ago

There is clearly a heavy Judge Dredd influence too from what has been shown so far.

Suits me as I loved those comics growing up.

Veneno9d ago

Which Ghost in the Shell? The great Anime or the crappy live action version?

stupidusername9d ago

The vibe of the live action was good imo. Only lacking was the flow, dialogue and story.

mogwaii9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

You forgot decent hdr, man that uhd is dull as fuck, i had to check everything was working correctly, bloody shame as it could of been a showpiece.

Casepb9d ago

Well the thumbnail showed a pic of the anime, so I'd guess the anime. The live action movie wasn't all that bad. But yeah it did suck compared to the anime.

The Wood9d ago

I just put a comment saying the thumbnail reminded me of the major.

Lord_Sloth9d ago

The hell do you mean "Had too"? lol j/k Obviously I know what they meant.

mogwaii9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

and so they should,as long as they dont rely too heavily on them and create a unique take on the genre....which i have great faith they will.

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