Microsoft and the Xbox Scarlett need to focus on mobile gaming to succeed

Microsoft is developing its Xbox Scarlett, and the announcements of Project xCloud and its use of Azure suggest that mobile gaming is the future of the brand.

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2pacalypsenow10d ago

Massive backlash over Diablo and Alien doing a mobile game = Microsoft and the Xbox Scarlett need to focus on mobile gaming to succeed.


darthv7210d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Mobile may not be the future but it has a part to play. Especially if these companies are into making money and finding ways to keep players connected to their games. Even on the go.

I'd be really surprised if Sony wasnt also working on making their psnow even more efficient so it can work on more devices. the mobile space is growing and people are wanting to pretty much take almost anything with them.

rainslacker10d ago

Supporting such things, and focusing on them are two very different things. That's like saying Sony needs to focus on PSNow if it wants to succeed. This is just another, "Digital streaming is the future" article, which is very premature. Digital streaming will grow at it's own pace, and should remain an option, not a focus, for the time being.

I don't think either really needs to support mobile to succeed. But likely both will have something. Sony already kind of does, although they dialed it back, and MS has already implied they will support it.

Ratchet7510d ago

I will say yes, but it is far from being the immediate futur. Most people still do not have fiber optic at home so even with 5g or more... connection will still remain variable when you play outside for the simple fact that wifi is affected by many factors out of our control. That's a fact.

Godmars29010d ago

And yet the Switch is a thing. Is by all counts is selling better than Xbox.

Then MS is still doing Play Anywhere which is suppose to include tablets and phone. If they turn around, make a dedicated stationary device which supports other mobile devices, is something that does both, they'll only be stepping on themselves.

darthv7210d ago

Right now play anywhere is only for windows 10 and I dont think there are any W10 phones. The xcloud is what should work on tablets and phones no matter if ios or droid.

Yi-Long10d ago

Switch is selling because of Nintendo games. I have the Switch. Has some great games. Hate the hardware.

I don't feel Microsoft and/or Sony should follow Nintendo down that road of forcing gimmicks down gamers' throats at the expense of power & price...

Godmars29010d ago

Both have copied from Nintendo before, analog and vibration, motion control, so why not now?

KillBill9d ago

@darthv72 - "play anywhere is only for windows 10 and I dont think there are any W10 phones"... really? A simple Google search would have quickly pointed you in the right direction before you posted. As I type this from My Lumia Win 10 phone. lol

darthv729d ago

Wow bill... thats impressive. I thought nokia stopped with W8 phones.

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ABizzel14d ago

There's backlash with those games, because instead of releasing a version for both mobile and other platforms, those oblivious developers/producers went mobile only and franchises known for their PC, and later console support. That was just a misreading of your audience / fanbase.

But that's what happens when you place business and $$$ first, mobile gaming has been the most profitable thanks to microtransactions, and they want a piece of that pie. Except an intelligence and aware leaders would have made the game for all platforms, and highlighted you can take your PC / Console progress on the go with the mobile version. But loot crates and microtransactions don't go over well in full retail games.

TheEnigma31310d ago

Not at all. All MS need to do is focus on games and games alone. That seems to be their weak point this gen. They need to go back to what made the 360 special.

starchild10d ago

Games alone? No, that's not all. Price matters. Multiplat performance and quality matters. Features like backwards compatibility, cross platform functionality, and other console or ecosystem features also matter.

I agree that Microsoft's biggest weak point this generation has been their weak exclusives lineup. They need to rectify that. And it seems with all the studio acquisitions that they are aware of the problem and intend to do something about it.

mcstorm10d ago

I agree I've said it before and been blasted but I feel this gen has lacked the same quality and verierity of exclusives for both Sony and Microsoft this gen. Both have not given us many new IP's and quite a few have all be lackluster to compaired to what we had last gen. I think this gen has been a play it safe gen and I see the next one being different from both.

For me I've moved to pc from console mainly due to now having a family and less time to game so only getting sp games and already had a powerful laptop for video editing so decided to give it a go and being a racing fan and having cross play on windows 10 fit me very well.

I'm looking forward to seeing what next gen brings but I do see all 3 stepping and and both microsoft and Sony seem to want to include Windows with cross play and psnow so be intresting to see how they also play out.

2pacalypsenow10d ago

Exactly, the reason the 360 was successful was because it came out of the gate with amazing games, and then ran out of steam towards the end of the decade.

MS has recovered since.

DarXyde10d ago

Sounds like an oversimplification.

It also came out a year earlier, games played better for a while due to the architectural issues with CELL, the online was better, the competition was $500-$600, they had a deal with Activision for Call of Duty, and Halo mattered more than it does now.

Godmars29010d ago

Quality and substance, not just games for the sake of games. Its the exact opposite of that mentality, relying on 3rd party content and first if not exclusive access to it, that's put them right where they are.

Skankinruby10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

What made the 360 special exactly? Other than price, the year head start and such focus on marketing rights it had absolutely no advantage over ps3. It introduced gears of war, that's about it. All the other great initial exclusives went multiplat like Bioshock, Mass Effect, Deadly Premonition etc. Took a whole gen for the U.S. in particular to open their eyes to the shallow brand they bought in to.

TheEnigma3139d ago

why are you bringing up Sony? I said what made the 360 special. Of course MS will never be able to out do Sony when it comes to gaming? In the beginning, the 360 was great despite the rrod. MS needs to get back to making quality games like they did with the 360.

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neutralgamer199210d ago

Yeah and fail

They need to focus on core gamers and help create excellent high quality exclusive

SocialDanny12310d ago (Edited 10d ago )

If it's console exclusives you're talking about then no. It's becoming an increasingly outdated concept that makes no sense these days especially in a mobile first millennial generation. If you're talking about Game Pass exclusives, then yes that makes sense.

neutralgamer199210d ago

What ps4 91.5 million sold and switch soon will over take Xbox one both consoles with real exclusives

rainslacker10d ago

Based on what market data does any of that actually hold true?

Let me guess....a bunch of people play on mobile, and it's a revenue gold mine?

Sure. OK. But what about the fact that that's a different market to consoles or PC gaming? Exclusives are important to the console to get people to notice the system. Mobile markets don't need that kind of software, as they're going to run on pretty much any device, and no one buys a mobile device for gaming alone. A game console, or even PC may be brought for gaming alone, and that is going to be a large factor to a significant number of people. If the games they want can only be played there, that't going to attract people to the system. Gamers aren't just migrating to mobile because some say its the future. We heard how it was the future all last gen....this gen saw record numbers in both hardware and software sales.

Console exclusive or otherwise, the exclusive matters. The PC and console markets are not competiting as much as you put forth, and while I know it's a popular argument around here, the consoles still need to define themselves outside that semantic obfuscation which MS decided to make a thing because it decided PC gaming was important....after they explicitly said they were dropping PC support in the 360 days because they wanted to push the 360 sales by making their games exclusive. By the looks of things, the importance of exclusives hasn't changed to the customer....or maybe, MS just doesn't make enough interesting exclusives to be relevant whether they're console exclusive, or real exclusives. I know that may be a concept that might be hard to understand.

Thundercat779d ago

That thinking of yours is exactly why Xbox is loosing and even the underpowered Switch, is doing way better.

Meanwhile, PS4 keeps dominating this Gen with the best high rated, and even GOTY, exclusive games.

SocialDanny12310d ago

Don't you mean gamers in general are out of touch? The fact that gamerd treat mobile as a plague shows that. It's inevitable that Cloud Gaming will become a viable market, yes there will always be consoles and gaming PCs however it will be focused on hardocre fans and casuals will move away from it.

Razzer10d ago

Gamers are in touch with the gaming they want. The fact that mobile is becoming bigger doesn't change that. The rise of cloud gaming doesn't either. Gamers treating mobile "as a plague" is simply hyperbole. Publishers like Blizzard pushing mobile onto gamers looking for Diablo 4....yeah, gamers will react to that and they should. Gamers are consumers too no matter how many more smartphone gamers are out there.

rainslacker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Becoming a viable market doesn't mean that they need to be focuses for a platform to be successful. Nor does it makes sense to promote a platform by removing a main draw of what people buy a console Exclusive games sell consoles if they're good. People that want to play Spider-Man, will have to buy a PS4. And many did, as evidenced by the sales since it released.

Gamers are consumers, they will buy what appeals to them. Just because the mobile market is growing, doesn't mean that we have to suddenly care about it, and that's why when publishers say we should, we say that we're the one's with the money. When they put mobile policies into current games, we take our money elsewhere. The mobile paradigm is seeing push back by the traditional gamer, and if the publishers didn't care about providing this market with games, they could have abandoned us a long time ago.

Each console has more causal fans than hardcore. The higest selling games on a system are FIFA, Madden, and COD. Those are all casual games. Many exclusives are also what I'd consider accessible to the casual.

There is absolutely nothing to suggest the casual is moving away. In fact, the casual is what caused the surge of sales at the tail end of last gen. Kinect didn't sell 20 million units to the hardcore. Wii was successful because of the casual. Move was successful because of it's strong casual line up.

Mobile is a different market. One that can suppliment traditional gaming, or be the option of some, but people aren't migrating in droves, and the console/PC market is growing every year.

SkippyPaccino10d ago

I don't understand this obsession with trying to figure out how to make Microsoft survive the gaming industry... Let them fail! If it's not meant to be, so be it. They're not adding anything besides being a meaningless distraction. All we see is "4k this, Phil that, cloud this etc" nothing like "this moved me, or this is cutting edge, or they're pushing the industry forward"

Personally I couldn't care less if xbox crashed and burned. We don't need to prop them up to make artificial competition for sony. If xbox crashed & burned someone else would take their place and give Sony competition. Anyone could step in "Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung etc" and possibly add something of value.

If Microsoft can turn it around, good for them, but I'm tiered of the gaming media holding their hand and keeping them afloat while they're trying to figure it out. It's been like 4 years they've been holding their hand. It's time to let go and see if they can swim on their own... If they can't so be it.

SocialDanny12310d ago

Microsoft will be fine. They have a massive headstart in the Cloud gaming industry with the whole stack(Consoles, Azure, Data Centers, Content) that Amazon, Google and Sony wished they had.

SkippyPaccino10d ago

Playstation now has been around since the Ps3... How does Microsoft have a head start when their services isn't even available yet? You can play PS Now on your Microsoft surface pro as we speak...

rainslacker10d ago

Sony's had a cloud gaming service before MS did. It also had an implemented and released streaming service long before MS decided to announce they will have one sometime in the indeterminate future. It's more than sufficient to deliver games. Sony doesn't need it's own cloud service to deliver service based games. They have their own servers for gaming if they choose to use it, and there are plenty of cloud services out there that Sony could also use. They're also partners with RackSpace should they choose to use those cloud services.

Also, Amazon and Google have two of the largest cloud services on the planet. And google even has it's own game streaming service which is in operation and available to consumers right now....not sometime in the indeterminate future. Once again, MS is coming up the rear, but not actually doing anything new, just following the trend that others set.

I suggest you actually go look up who has some of the biggest cloud services in the world. There is no cloud gaming industry, there is only the cloud. The cloud can run gaming, commercial, or enterprise software. Gaming is just another program to the cloud. For all of MS cloud abilities, it doesn't mean much if they aren't really delivering content which compels people to use their services.

starchild10d ago

Why can't some of you be fair or reasonable in your comments? You're completely blinded by fanboyism. I don't even own a Nintendo or Microsoft console but it gets tiring seeing them get shit on by the same extremists over and over again.

You say "they're not adding anything". I say that's nothing but hyperbolic fanboy drivel. If Xbox, Nintendo and PC weren't adding anything there wouldn't be tens of millions of people who choose to spend their time and money on them. You can go on acting like exclusive games are the ONLY thing that matters all you want, but it won't change the reality that other factors are also important to many people.

If I didn't do most of my gaming on PC and for some reason had to choose only one console out of the three you can be damn sure the number of exclusives wouldn't be the only consideration. Exclusives are too few in number to be given that kind of over-the-top importance. There are usually around two PS4 exclusives a year that appeal to me. Yes, they matter. Yes, they are a fairly significant factor. But, no, they're not all that matters. Not even close. I would be looking at the ecosystems and policies of each console, features like backwards compatibility (that's a big one for me and part of the reason I like the PC so much), portability or lack thereof, crossplay options, which console my friends and family own, online gaming network stability, features and cost, hardware features, software features, controller design, and the cost of the console itself. I would weigh all of these factors before making a decision. And I honestly don't know which console I would choose in that circumstance. They all have advantages and disadvantages.

It's very bizarre how angry some of you get whenever an article says anything positive about Xbox at all. It doesn't even have to be positive for that matter. Even suggesting ways that the Xbox could improve is enough to raise your ire. It's like you're not happy unless everyone is trashing these platforms as much as you and saying they don't have any worth at all.

SkippyPaccino10d ago

If Microsoft can't figure it out on their own that's their own damn problem. I'm not going to feel pity for them or point them in the right direction. I will on the other hand congratulate them on a job well done with my words and wallet if that time ever comes.

Microsoft can never learn because they're a multi billion dollars company and everything that would make their console/gaming devision stand out, will get cut on the chopping block by suits because the idea of taking a risk on an existing IP is scary to them. That's why they hide in the shadows and wait for companies like Sony to take the risk before they even consider anything. Look at all the risk Sony has taken over the years. Some have paid off, some haven't, but they keep pushing and that's what I love about them.

You want me to celebrate Microsoft for what? The 6 Forza games this generation? Them making Halo & Gears worst? Them canceling games? If Microsoft wasn't part of this generation, would we even have noticed? Last gen when Sony started off slowly they didn't have the privilege of a MeToo gaming media. They literally were teabagging the ps3 on every major site and playstation was the but of every joke.

You know who got Sony out of that mess? Sony did with hard work and pumping out great game after great game. Now this gen the media is the one leading the comeback while Phil tweets while licking Cheeto dust off his fingers.

If the media is congratulating them over nothing, how are they going to react to them if they turn it all around? Even more enthusiasm? The point I'm trying to make is crown them when the time comes. What's the rush?

rainslacker10d ago

Maybe because other companies are compared to MS, and somehow, always come up short. MS makes a lot of promises, but has no delivery, yet are heralded as ahead of the curve, when the consumers really don't see any benefit from them being ahead. In the mean time, the competition is often criticized as not being capable enough to handle what MS can, despite the competition actually leading the way in some of the areas that are being talked about....such as game streaming, which Sony was the first major company to actually make a successful product out of given last years revenue charts.

If you don't want these comparisons, then stop letting articles like this make the comparison, and instead, focus the same kind of standards towards MS that seem to get lobbed at MS competition. Nintendo gets its fair share in terms of hardware and services. Sony does on the hardware and services front, and while their games review well, and generally go on to get critical acclaim, there is no doubt that they are criticized unfairly in any way possible before they actually release. But then MS shows CD3 MP, and there are no articles asking what that sh*t was or saying this wasn't what MS promised, and no claims of downgrades like you'd see in Sony games that don't even get downgraded.

While other companies are actually making positive strides in the industry, MS is lifted up as the innovator. While MS fails, criticism is thrown at others, and you get a bunch of articles about how it's going to be great in the future because, "Spencer says".

If you want this kind of talk to stop towards MS, then demand equitable coverage and standards between the companies.

Anomander10d ago

How dare you make sense Starchild! ;) Very well said!

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chiefJohn11710d ago

Far from failing. It's about making money not consoles sold. Xbox brought in nearly as much money as PS did yet it's getting smacked 2 to 1 in consoles sold. That should tell you everything you need to know about the gaming business.

SkippyPaccino10d ago

Playstation had almost double the revenue xbox had... Plus since Microsoft are being secretive about sales and what constitutes "gaming" to them that we can't really know. (might throw in some surface numbers mixed in to make it look better)

beulahland10d ago

@SkyppyPaccino you know, your mom told you are intelligent but you must realize that she told you that because she is your mom. Sorry.

Razzer10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

"Xbox brought in nearly as much money as PS did "

Not true.

"No they didn't have double "

Correct, but still a far way from "nearly as much". Wasn't it like 17 billion vs 10? And those are not coinciding fiscal years so not even a valid comparison in that regard.

chiefJohn11710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Here ya go, not exactly close but far from double.

Razzer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

That analysis does not include hardware sales.

From the source:
"Revenues exclude hardware sales and other non-game sales to the extent publicly available. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo estimates represent all Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo non-hardware platform revenues (including Xbox Live, PSN, and Nintendo eShop revenues respectively)."

But we don't need analysis. Microsoft gaming revenue was 10 billion their last fiscal year based on their own reporting.

Sony is only half-way through its fiscal year. For Q1, the gaming division had 4.23 billion in revenue. We will not know Q2 numbers until Ferbruary 1st.


Razzer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Correction. Q3 results will be posted in February. Q2 had 5 billion in revenue for Sony gaming division.

"Sales at G&NS increased 27% year over year to ¥550.1 billion primarily due to increase in game software sales."
550 yen is 5 USD

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