Fallout 76 Players are Nabbing Unreleased Items From a Secret "Developer Room"

Bethesda seems to have something of a war on its hands over Fallout 76's most powerful items. After several weeks of problems with players creating copies of items through duplication glitches, some have now figured out how to access a secret "developer room" in Fallout 76.

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thejigisup10d ago

Someone let them into the microtransactions storerooms gasp

dolfa10d ago

It seems like this problem has every mmorpg in it's life time. Players are getting bored i guess.

Nacho_Z10d ago

Why would Bethesda put that in when they know they have the coding ability of a sleepy toddler and it was inevitable it'd be accessed. They seem determined to shoot themselves in the foot.

Agent_00_Revan10d ago

All it took was a simple bobby pin on a Novice lock.

Nacho_Z10d ago

Shame Bethesda put all their S.P.E.C.I.A.L points in Stagnation.

Suave_Langosta9d ago

I think if you sneezed hard enough on that said lock, it would fly open.

TheColbertinator10d ago

All hail Wooby.

Lousy broken game.

XiNatsuDragnel10d ago

Damn son I'm not surprised tbh

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