Will Fortnite Continue Its Upward Curve in 2019?

Psylocke from NoobFeed writes - Fortnite become the world’s most popular game by attracting 200 million players in 2018, raked in $3 billion in profits and found itself blamed for divorces, as players simply cannot get enough of it. The big question is: can Fortnite maintain its amazing momentum, continue on its upward curve and dominate 2019 in the same emphatic fashion?

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dolfa10d ago

What is so good about this game? I saw one gameplay video and it looked like a causal game for normies reeeeeeee.

PhantomS4210d ago

Nothing, nothing is good about the game. Gameplay is dull and easy, it's filled with screaming 6-year-olds or streamers desperate for money and too lazy to get a job, nothing about it is remotely interesting. The upward trend is an interesting term seeing as a lot of the players are getting bored and the darker side of the game and Epic is slowly getting revealed. It hit its peak and it's going to crash.

AK9110d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Possible but unknown, PUBG was only popular for a year but Fortnite is more well supported and updated, although it's already waning in popularity from what I hear.