The Last of Us: Part II Animator Teases Impressive Achievement

While most of The Last of Us: Part II is being closely guarded behind an iron curtain of mystery a new tease came by way of Animator Jonathan Cooper‏.

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Nyxus7d ago

Can't wait for this game!

ClayRules20127d ago

Me too. I hope I live long enough to play this/finish it, & hear feedback from other gamers as well, to see how the experience was for them.

blackblades7d ago

Better get into a plastic bubble.

Sono4217d ago

Watch the achievement be "Most realistic lesbian kiss ever in a videogame"

lol but seriously Neil Druckmann loves to praise Anita Sarkeesian, but it would be so hilarious if she attacked this game for "appealing to the male fantasy" with the lesbian kiss, I would actually love it, that would be true poetic justice.

nyu17d ago

It's going to set several new standards, especially in terms of animation and characters.

It's basically going to be CGI quality with those realtime cutscenes lol.

MajorLazer7d ago

I am ashamed to say I only finished tLoU just last week for the first time, it was the remaster. I bought it in 2015 but just never got around to finishing it. Phenomenal game, the storytelling and gameplay is just unbelievable, I can see why it got GotY over Gta V, a game that has sold over 100 Million copies.

Part 2 is honestly giving me Game of the Generation vibes, which I know is very early of me to say but seeing the gameplay videos of it 😓

Skankinruby7d ago

Ugh, no teases my anticipation cant take it

Eonjay7d ago

This is clearly gonna be a technical achievement.

ClayRules20127d ago

Yes, most definitely. Just reading what he posted makes me anxious, but oh so excited to see what’s been achieved.

Hardiman7d ago

I'm curious to what got him excited! Really looking forward to this game.

isarai7d ago

Can't even imagine seeing as how they're already head and shoulders above anyone that isn't R* when it comes to animation. I always knew they had some very clever tech/programing/rigging going on but after seeing their tech conferences about everything they put into U4 the past few years i'm convinced they got the best in the business for their animation team

ClayRules20127d ago

Yeah, them folks at Naughty Dog don’t play around when it comes to animation. I do believe they have the best in the business for their animation team as well. Game after game they just raise the bar for animations across the board. Love their passion.

rainslacker7d ago

Guy is really big on accurate physics, especially pertaining to kinetics, which is the movement of an object, but often refers to that in relation to the human body and it's interaction with other things. Guy is also really into the dynamics of cut scenes. So, maybe something along those lines. Potentially, playable cut scenes, which would play into the cinematic foundations that ND has nowadays....although, TLOU wasn't really driven by set pieces like Uncharted.

However, this sounds more like a singular process thing.

Since I know no journalist will do it, maybe I'll pour through his website or youtube posts to see if he ever mentions anything. :)

nyu17d ago

I wish he gave a bit more detail.

He did say @gameplayAnim, so I'm thinking it's something interactive and simulation oriented ? I think that's more likely because canned scenes are not as impressive.

fyiir237d ago

fck the achievement. Give me a release date!

Majin-vegeta7d ago

Sometime in the future...good enough for ya?

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The story is too old to be commented.