Don’t Expect Too Much from the New Aliens Game

Ever since Alien: Isolation turned out to be so good, it almost made us forget about Aliens: Colonial Marines, people have wanted more games that treat the Alien series right. And as 2018 came to a close, various teases suggested a new game was on the way. But 2019 began with a shocking surprise. A title called Alien: Blackout was coming. However, it would be a mobile game. While this may be shocking and could trigger the same sort of outrage as Diablo: Immortal, let's not be hasty. Instead, let's be realistic and temper our expectations.

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Tankbusta409d ago

Won't be expecting anything... Don't do mobile games

9d ago
lillekolibri8d ago

"Don’t Expect Too Much from the New Aliens Game" LOL I don't think anyone does!