The Last of Us: Part II Writer Will Appear in the Game

While most of The Last of Us: Part II is being closely guarded behind an iron curtain of mystery, the game's writer revealed that she will appear in the game.

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ArchangelMike9d ago

Man, the teases just keep coming. How do you prevent yourself from getting super over hyped about your most anticipated game? What should I play to pass the time? I've already played the first one about 10 times already.


VerminSC9d ago

Why are you getting downvotes? I’m beyond hyped too man.

Switch4One9d ago

Because he's getting hyped over the fact that the writer will appear in the game... I mean it's great but hardly anything worth getting hyped about.

Ceaser98573618d ago


Archange is hyped about the game not the writer who is going to be in the game.. Read his comment again. and Yes i am hyped to for this game and cant wait to play this on my Pro and PS 5..

AK919d ago

Is her acting ability up to par with the other actors? If she isn't then she shouldn't be in the game.

UCForce9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

True, we will see. From what I heard, she was the writer of Westworld and I hear a good thing about it.

Sono4219d ago

Writer of Westworld season 1, 2 or both? Because the writing took a pretty big downward spiral in season 2.

UCForce9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

@Sono421 Well, Season 2 of Westworld is still solid. So yes, put the writer in the game can be cheesy/tacky, but we will see.

Edit : Yes, I can see that. But she did other works like Banshee before Westworld really. Do I think Season 1 is better than Season 2 ? Yes, it better than Season 2, but her reputation speak itself and I do hope Season 3 will do better. Again, we will see how she do in The Last of Us Part 2.

Sono4219d ago

It's "Solid" but no where near as good as the first, the writing went from god tier to.... "barely acceptable" you'd have to be deluded not to realize how much it took a turn for the worst. This is coming from someone who absolutely loves the show...

Sono4219d ago (Edited 9d ago )

So you bringing up her history made me curious... and uh, I have literally no idea why you did that. Her history besides west world consists of chick flicks.... Heck, on her IMBD her two most known for things are Westworld and Last of us 2 which isn't even out yet, and on Westworld she worked with 3 other writers.

Instead of convincing me how good of a writer she is, you've now strengthened my worries that TlouP2 will mainly be focused on her lesbian relationship.... thanks pal.

UCForce9d ago

@Sono421 Look, I agree everything what you said. And i’m sorry. Look, whatever The Last of Us Part 2 going to be great game or big disappointing. We will see how it pans out. I understand your concern and I won’t argue with that, but i’m not the guy who judge on people way too quickly.

Frinker9d ago

How does her writing ability have any correlation or indication of her acting ability?

Thatgrammar8d ago

She wrote 7 episodes in season 1 only.

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Sono4219d ago

Agreed, not to mention writers putting themselves in their work is just tacky/cheesy. We don't need this.

FunAndGun8d ago

You condemning it already is tacky too. Maybe wait to see the results before you claim " we don't need this". I know it's a radical concept in this day and age.

Eonjay8d ago

I don't think anyone had a problem with Stan Lee.

TheUpbringer8d ago

-Forced message behind the scenes about Diversity by the Director.
-Female lead that is a lesbian.
-Writer is self-inserted into media.

And thus the Vapid Trinity is complete.

FunAndGun8d ago

Wow, you guys are damn insecure. Skip it then...

starchild8d ago

Lez be honest this will only make the game better. We can all feel much more virtuous every time we play the game.

Sono4218d ago

Lmao so true, and @FunAndGun the only one seeming insecure is you dude, chill.

I don't understand why people support forced identity politics? It doesn't add anything to games, so why support it?

Goldby8d ago

Who says its forced politics?

ninsigma8d ago

I'm certainly worried he's going hit us over the head with his beliefs but he's created great game stories so far so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt with this.

Lesbian lead isn't a problem.

I do find self insertion a bit weird but meh, not the worst thing in the world.

Imalwaysright8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Now that Straley isn't working with him I am a bit worried. Anyone that publicly supports Anita Sarkeesian and says that she is an inspiration will never have my trust. TLoU2 may end up being as good or better than the original but I am not as excited for it as I was when I finished the 1st one.

ninsigma8d ago

Anyone who thinks Anita Sarkeesian is an inspiration is either horribly misguided or someone you should be very wary of.

Silly gameAr8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

No one cares. Go make a blog about it, and you guys cry about it there. There are people that would rather talk about the game than try to start drama just because it's the only thing negative you can find. Sick of hearing about politics in games, and so called gamers always trying to start drama over dumb shit that doesn't matter.

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IsThatSooo8d ago

The heavy handed idpol and proselytizing of faux liberal agenda via entertainment industry, and some of the most endeared franchises is lame to say the least. I miss Amy Hennig. It's obvious, clear, and ironic, that she was obviously ousted by the zio-leach.

Eonjay8d ago

Lol maybe you should wait for the game to come out. The first one was amazing.

FalconofLucis988d ago

Yup, I think i'm gonna skip this one.

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