Battlefield 5 Upcoming Patch Improves Footstep Audio, Panzer 1-Hit Kill on Planes & More

DICE has a BIG Battlefield 5 patch scheduled for next week, and here's a preview of things to come! Check out the article for the early list of changes and tweaks.

william_cade5d ago

HA! Of course they do. The game is an unfinished mess.

RememberThe3575d ago

Such a fun game but woefully under cooked. All these changes mentioned will be welcome improvements. I really hope they nail the time to death stuff, getting one hit indicator from a gun that takes 4 shots to kill is incredibly annoying.

1nsomniac5d ago

Went back to the game after a long stint away with Insurgency: Sandstorm. Still a great game with some ridiculous hate for some of the most childish reasons I’ve ever heard in my life!

Skankinruby5d ago

You must be an SJW SJW

1nsomniac5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

The fact that "SJW" is even a thing in the first place shows just how thick kids are getting these days!

It's embarrassing.

Hungryalpaca5d ago

Wanting a WWII game to represent WWII is childish?

RememberThe3575d ago

No less authentic than BF1 and no one was bitching about authenticity then. But add some chicks are the games got cooties...

Teflon025d ago

It represented WWII fine and actually wanted to allow of representation of people and things in WWII that were uncommon or unknown to the general public. But the General Public that wouldn't know those details. Just to conclusions acting like they knew more than people who met with vets and spent millions on research. That's childish. The games a good representation. You can't even notice peoples customization 99% of the time. People cry SJW when ironically, you're being the same as the so called SJW that ruin artistic freedom. DICE has an artistic right to go about it the way they want and everyone wanted to force it to change. But cry that Capcom didn't want to have a fight entry can on Cammy's cooch lol. The irony

EricLane5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Good news but March is the release month of the game's 10th map. How many more months until we get an 11th? I'm about burned out as it is. Fjell and Panzerstorm are terrible. I would rather have spent more money to get maps. They marketed free content. Most of us interpreted that as the the same amount of content for no additional cost. Not significantly less content...