Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sells an Estimated 4.42 Million Units in 2 Days at Retail

The crossover fighting game from Nintendo - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - sold 4,424,805 units in two days at retail on the Nintendo Switch, according to VGChartz estimates.

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Neonridr10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

wow.. talk about some crazy numbers. For an exclusive that is unreal.

mcstorm9d ago

It's amazing how well Nintendo ips sell. I know people big sonys exclusives up but look at the attachment rate of some of Nintendo's own IP's and it puts them on a different level and the reason why Nintendo will never go 3rd party.

RememberThe3579d ago

Just for context. Seahawks Twitter has been challenging players to SSB matches. Thats how cross over this game is. Unreal.

VenomUK9d ago

And people say exclusives don’t matter!

Livingthedream9d ago

@VenomUK dont know any gamers who say they dont matter.

Unreal019d ago

Living the dream

Are you new to this site? The Xbox One owners on here state pretty much daily that exclusives don't matter

bouzebbal9d ago

Insane, especially since it's a port..

Risky_249d ago

@bouzebbal It's not a port.

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3-4-59d ago

At Retail = just physical.

This doesn't even count digital sales as well.

ES_opre9d ago

@bouzebbal Its not a port.

Nyxus9d ago

Nice, congrats Nintendo! Got my copy last week.

FallenAngel19849d ago

This will be the best selling fighting game ever

Sirk7x9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Very well could be in the long run. I think Brawl and Smash 4 are the top 2 already lol, unless you count every version of Street Fighter II as one game.

EddieNX 9d ago

It's by far the best fighting game ever. Every other find fighting game has no way near the amount of content this game has.

Kribwalker9d ago

It is Vgchartz, But if the total sales in 2 days are anything close to that, that will be nuts

gangsta_red9d ago

Seriously, even if the word on the street is VGchartz undertracks or overtracks depending on where you stand, the numbers here regardless still has to be staggering.

Neonridr9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

it undertracks Sony but overtracks MS apparently :P

whatever answer suits the narrative I guess..

ZeekQuattro9d ago

That's insane. There are AAA multiplats that struggle to put up numbers like that in their lifetimes and Smash 5 did it in less than a week. Well played Sakurai.

Concertoine9d ago

Its even more insane when you consider how close the games launch was to christmas.

It really is the best playing smash game since melee. Maybe ever.

Sono4219d ago

Actually Sakurai isn't that good at the game ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.