Out of Eight: Terrorist Takedown 2 Review

Out of Eight writes: "Remember that whole Bin Laden thing? Yeah, me neither. But the one thing it did do was put a new face on the Enemy of America: replacing the Nazis of games past is the generic Middle Eastern terrorist. Ah yes, those wacky terrorists with their wacky AK-47s and wacky car bombs. Somebody has to take down those terrorists, and that's the premise behind the appropriately-named Terrorist Takedown 2. Did you even know there was a Terrorist Takedown 1? This time around plays quite differently than before: a more traditional first person shooter rather than being restricted to vehicles or turrets. At least that's what I can gather from reading some reviews, since I certainly did not play the original when it came out almost four years ago. This is another one of those F.E.A.R.-like Jupiter EX engine games, and it seems that City Interactive wants to milk every penny out of their purchased license (see Code of Honor 2)."

The Good:
+Varied weaponry
+In-game multiplayer browser

The Not So Good:
-Very difficult on normal settings
-Dumb heavily scripted AI
-Short single player campaign
-Standard multiplayer options with poorly placed spawn points and only three maps
-Mediocre voice acting

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